"Mezunlar 2015" Graduation Exhibitions

"Mezunlar 2015" Graduation Exhibitions

Işık University Faculty of Fine Arts "Mezunlar 2015" Graduation Exhibitions

Fine Arts Faculty, a component of Işık University, was founded in 2007 and was conducting undergraduate program in 5 different departments as follows: The Department of Industrial Products Design, The Department of interior Design, The Department of Visual Arts, The Department of Visual Communication Design and The department of Fashion and Textile Design. 

5th Graduation period will celebrate with "Mezunlar 2015" Graduation Exhibitions. 

Galeri Işık Maslak – June 11th, 2015 (opening ceremony at Galeri Işık Maslak, 3.00p.m.)
Galeri Işık Teşvikiye – June 24th, 2015

(Exhibitions duration : 11.06 -28.08 /2015 , 24.06-28.08/2015)

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