Department of Fashion and Textile Design

Department of Fashion and Textile Design

In line with the Isik University vision and foundation values, the program aims to educate the students as creative, cultured, responsible individuals with a broad vision who can take charge in fashion and textile sectors on local or international levels.

The facilities of the department namely sewing, printing, weaving, jewellery/accessory studios and computer labs provide the students with the necessary knowledge and experience they will need in their professional work life.

Students take Basic Art Education, Professional Basic Design Education, Pattern Design, Fashion Design, Weaving Design, Print Design as applied courses together with technical courses such as Technical Drawing, Draping, Sewing. Besides, the students take theoretical courses such as Fashion History, Fashion Marketing, Artwork Analysis, Old Turkish Fabrics which furnish students with the necessary design vision and culture. The program overall helps the students to internalise the design discipline on the theory, practice, technique, history and culture bases.

Our graduate students can work individually or under a brand in the fields of fashion, weaving, print/fabric pattern and jewellry/accessory design as designer; fashion writer, fashion consultant; product manager, creative director, brand manager, buyer, marketer, quality controller.

"As being an unseperable part of our lives and a constantly renewed product which is making us feel happy; the textile products are presented to domestic and foreign customers. These products are qualified by the successes of our creative, talented, young textile and fashion designers. Let's not forget that according to William Morris (1834-1896), an aesthetic environment designed by textile increases the labour and the efficiency of people."    


Prof. Betül Atlı
Head of Dept. of Fashion and Textile Design
Işık University


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