Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers an undergraduate program that leads students to a wide range of academic and professional carreers in an environment with advanced research and learning facilities. All of the students are offered full scholarships.

The first two years of the program emphasizes general physics, mathematics and computer science courses. In the third and fourth years, students take higher-level physics courses and have the oppotunity to take elective courses in mathematics, electronics and computer science. Starting from the second year of the program, students may participate in double major and minor programs in engineering and other sciences. Students can also apply to be part of Erasmus student exchange programs and continue their education through one or two academic semesters at partner universities in Europe. A total of 134 credit hours of coursework must be completed to earn the degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.).

The research topics addressed within the department are functional thin films, micro- and nano-structures, transport properties of low dimensional systems, radiation physics and archeological dating.

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