Soil Mechanics Tests

Ø  Consolidation test

Ø  Sieve analysis

Ø  Hydrometer Test

Ø  Liquid limit and Plastic limit tests

Ø  Standard and Modified Proctor tests

Ø  California Bearing Ratio test

Ø  Specific Gravity test

Ø  Determination of Maximum and Minimum Void Ratio

Ø  Determination of Water Content


Other Equipment Lists

Ø  Sieve shaker

Ø  Liquid limit instrument

Ø  Shrinkage limit test set

Ø  Plastic limit test set

Ø  Hydrometer test set

Ø  Standard proctor mold

Ø  Modified proctor mold

Ø  Standard Proctor hammer

Ø  Modified proctor hammer

Ø  CBR Mold

Ø  Dial Gauge

Ø  Proctor Penetrometer

Ø  Electronic Weighing Machine