Mechatronics Engineering Program

Mechatronics Engineering is an interdisciplinary field of engineering science, which characterizes the interconnections between mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic engineering and computer science. Mechatronic engineering deal with the application of computer-based digital control techniques, through various electrical and electronic interfaces to achieve efficient mechanical functions and play an important role in different disciplines offering students a wide range of career choices. It is a new branch of engineering and the technological developments require such a student profile that has some experience in mechatronics design and mechatronics approach.

An academic program has been planned to offer a challenging, yet basic education to cater to various needs. It is designed to provide a knowledge of the basic physical sciences in the first year and an engineering science program in the second year.The basics of the mechatronics engineering discipline are introduced in the third year.Electives in the fourth year give the flexibility to concentrate. The study program culminates in a capstone design project which offeres an opportunity for solving real-world problems in a multi-disciplinary setting. In addition to 139 credit hours of formal course work, two industrial training sessions of total duration of 40 days are required to satisfy the BS requirement.

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