Inter Library Loan

Inter Library Loan

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  • • What is an Inter Library Loan or Copy Request?

    In this type of request, your requested books will be borrowed from another library, or if you have requested an article, the material will be copied and sent to you. The sources can be inside or outside the country or at a research location such as the British Document Supply Center.

  • Who has access to this service?

    Isik University part time or full time academics can use this service at no charge. Işık University Master's and Doctoral degree students can also use this service at no charge.

  • How do I make a request?

    Requests should be made by filling out the form on our web site . Fill out a separate form for each material that you are requesting. Be sure to fill out all the fields without using abbreviations.

  • How long does it take to receive a book or a copy of an article?

    If the form is filled out correctly, it depends on the workload of the library that we sent the request to.. It usually takes one week but it can sometimes take two or three weeks.

  • Will I be notified when my material arrives?

    You will be notified by e-mail and you can phone us to check on your materials if it takes more than two weeks.

  • How long can I keep Inter Library Loan books ?

    It depends on each library'scirculation policies, but it is usually three or four weeks. You do not need to return the article copies.

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