Automotive Laboratories

Automotive Engineering Program has accepted undergraduate students since Fall of 2012 under the Department of Mechanical Engineering. For the beginning, a cooperation engagement was signed between DOGUS Automotive Co. and ISIK University. According to engagement, most of the needs of laboratories menitoned below will have been provided by DOGUS Co. Building laboratories is still in progress.

Vehicles Laboratory:
Different kinds of passenger and commercial vehicles and their sub-systems are examined for demostraion for educational purposes, tests and other researches in Almost 200 m2 closed space.

Engines Laboratory:
This laboratory will have a engine testing setup to examine development, charachterization and testing of engines in different conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.). With using this testing setup performance of different engines can be evaluable. In addition students have a chance examine different engines, engine parts in a detailed way.

Automative Systems and Components Laboratory:
This laboratory will have testing stands and educational kits about systems and components of vehicles. These systems are power transmission systems, brake systems, suspension systems, ignition and combustion systems and control systems of vehicles.

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