Measurement Laboratory and Machine Shop

Measurement Laboratory and Machine Shop

In this laboratory there are measurement equipments and experiment setups for measuring different scalar quantities. Dimension, temperature, pressure and electrical measurement equipments are available in this laboratory. The equipments in this lab. as follows:

  • Electronic equipments (Oscilloscopes, Power supplies, Multimeters, Frequency counter, Function generators)
  • Data acquisition unit
  • Dimensional measurement equipments (caliper, micrometers)
  • Transducers
  • Temperature calibration setup
  • Pressure calibration setup (dead weight tester)

Also, this laboratory has a machine shop that some mechanical processes are made. The main equipments in machine shop as follows:

  • Drills: Pillar and hand types,
  • Saws: Desktop and jigsaw types,
  • Grinding: Desktop and hand types,
  • Mobile Welding Machine
  • Wide range of hand tools

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