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The purpose of the following document is to guide you for the internships you are responsible for during your education at Işık University, Department of Industrial Engineering. There are two internships to complete.


The purpose of an internship is to provide a well-planned and supervised experience that integrates the student's academic preparation into a related, applied work experience in an industrial, business, or government environment. During the internship period, the intern will apply academic principles to the solution of practical problems in various areas of Industrial Engineering. Internships are primarily a learning experience. Interns should develop skills, acquire the ability to perform certain engineering tasks, and observe how businesses run. Some of these skills may be related to things you have already studied in school; others may not. A broader form of learning might be called intellectual growth. Your internship will help you to think more concretely and expansively about issues raised in your courses, to apply academic theories to real-world situations, and to see whether academic theories adequately explain what's going on in the real world.

How to Apply

First, please read the Işık University Internship Regulations carefully. You must secure an internship position from a company that satisfies the general requirements of Işık University. The company should employs at least TWO INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS and at least ONE OF THESE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS should be employed in the deparment/unit you will do internship. Thematically, it is ideal if one of the internships is in a service-oriented company (airport, hospital, bank, etc.) and the other is in a physical system-oriented (factory, energy, retail, etc.). Internships should be done in different companies. Exceptions can be made for large companies with different functions, provided that internships are performed in different units, by department decision (you can get advice from your consultants). When your internship interview/application is positive, you should start the necessary paperwork process. First of all, you should send all your internship documents to the department head for department approval. After the department approval, you must complete the process by following the Electronic Internship Application Process below.

IŞIKIE Intership Reports

After the internship, an internship report should be submitted to the internship coordinator of the Department of Industrial Engineering (the internship coordinator is each student's own advisor), summarizing the internship experience, the relevance of this experience to the student's academic program, and the internship evaluation. The outline below shows the sections that should be included in the report you are submitting. Your report should be written in English according to this template. Reports written in other departmental / university formats will not be accepted.

General Guidelines and Requirements (for both reports)

  • The main body of text must be well written with understandable language and appropriate grammar. It must be written with a text editor such as Microsoft Word. Body text may be written in Times New Roman format. The font size should not exceed 12 points.
  • All reports should include a Table of Contents. You should use the Table of Content feature in Microsoft Word.
  • All sections and subsections in the report must be numbered. Use a 14 point font size for section numbers and a 12 point font size for subsection numbers.
  • All required sections should be clearly identified.
  • A description of the industrial engineers' duties and their role in the organization must be included.
  • Interviews with at least two industrial engineers should be included. Prepare questions for the engineers, and report their answers in a newspaper format.
  • An organizational diagram must be included.
  • Statistics about the organization, such as the number of employees, a breakdown of the workforce by departments, working hours, annual sales, types of services or products, etc., must be provided with the report.
  • All descriptions of calculations should be accompanied by real examples.
  • An appendix that gives explanations of the terminology used within the report should be included along with all the terms that are specific to the environment or processes that you observed.
  • Some other topics those may be included in your report are production processes and technologies, workplace culture, power and status, ethics, finance, etc.
  • The report hardcover should be transparent nylon cover, spiral back.
  • The report must be sealed and signed by the official of the place where the internship is performed.

Second Internship Report (additional sections)

  • The most important part of the second report is the description of at least one problem within the organization that relates to industrial engineers. These problems may be unsolved problems (at least one). In your interviews with industrial engineers, you should be more inquisitive about identifying problems, in order to find a topic for your undergraduate project.
  • You should include a problem statement and detailed information about the problem as the basis of your undergraduate project. We encourage you to find the topic of your senior thesis during your second internship. In any case, the above-stated sections on problems within the company should be present in your reports.

Important Deadlines

  • Before the internship: At least 20 days before the internship start date, the relevant forms must be submitted to the dean's office.
  • After the internship: Each student should make a single pdf file by adding the report (in the format requested by the department), the evaluation form signed and sealed by the internship manager, and the internship application document at the end, and uploaded to the homework opened on Blackboard until the last day of the second week of the courses.


To the attention of the students who will give INDE2910(INDE3920) or INDE3910(INDE4920) Internship Report:

  • DELIVERY DATE of the internship report and evaluation document is the first week of the academic term following the internship. Reports without an evaluation document in a sealed envelope will not be accepted. After this period, the internship report will not be accepted (even if your internship report is not complete, it is essential to submit it on time with the evaluation document).
  • After the submission of the report, the relevant evaluation will be made by the academic advisor and the necessary announcement will be made within the period for corrections, if any, and you will be given time. The internships of students who do not make these corrections until the 10th week of the semester at the latest will be definitely rejected.

Check your CCR on Campus Online to find out if you have been accepted. The letter "P" must be given in the INDE2910(INDE3920) and / or INDE3910(IDE4920) course.

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