Graduation Design Project

Students should seek topics that are applicable in the real world for their projects. We ask you to look for projects or ideas during your internships.

Students should fill in the graduation project application form and return the form to the department secretary after having it signed by the advisor of the project and the department head.

Following the templates and guidelines for graduation project report and presentation is essential. The stages for an undergraduate graduation project are as follows:

Stage Notes
Proposal The proposal should have been submitted and approved 2 weeks after the beginning of the semester. The format for the proposal will be supplied by IŞIKIE. To get full credit, students should accomplish all the proposed work in their projects unless their advisor agrees on the contents.
Literature Review A literature review is due 1 month after the submission of the proposal. Students are asked to review relevant literature about their proposed topic such as current applications and interesting articles. The summary of this review and the list of references should be submitted in the thesis format. It is important to investigate the current situation in Türkiye and provide a critical comparison to the world conditions.
Project A draft thesis in the format determined by the university is due on or before the announced draft submission date. The final, formatted version is due on the final submission date which is 1 week before the presentation date that incorporates the comments of the advisor. Projects that do not comply with the formatting rules will have to be re-submitted which will also result in grade deduction.
Presentation All work has to be presented in front of IŞIKIE faculty and jury members during the final exam period. Presentations are open to public. All presentations will be conducted together on pre-determined dates during the final exam week. The presentation order will be determined by IŞIKIE. The students should effectively communicate the essence of their work to the audience within the given time limits. It is recommended that the students read IŞIKIE guidelines for presentations.
Seminars Students doing their graduation project must also attend seminars organized by the IE department during the relevant semester. A seminar report is required for each seminar the student attends.
Paper The project contents should also be submitted in an academic paper format to be submitted to a conference, journal, etc. The exact paper format should be determined together with the advisor.