Industrial Design, one of the professions of our time and future, is an activity which embraces the physical, functional and perceptive aspects of all types of production. The design process includes developing new ideas, developing systems according to the predefined needs of the consumer and taking an innovative approach to existing products.

The aim of the four year education is to implement the expertise required in students' professional career in order to raise the quality of life of our society.

The first year program is designed to support creativity and analytical thinking.

In the second year, the technical aspect of design is emphasized.

The third year program includes interdisciplinary courses and areas of specialization such as Product Design/Transportation Design (automotive & yacht design). The program provides technical and cultural lectures by invited professionals, seminars, national and international events, and a three-week internship.

In the final year, students present their Graduation Project, which is evaluated on the criteria of the design vision they have acquired during their education in collaboration with industry.

Our graduates receive the title of Industrial Designer and can continue their professional career by working as in house designers in R&D or design departments of firms, work as freelance designers, or act as consultants in new product development.

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