Students of Fashion and Textile Department


Students of the Department of Fashion and Textile Design are encouraged to participate in sector trainee programs, education tours in and out of the country, domestic and foreign workshops within the scope of fashion design, and exhibitions/fairs, while studying minor courses that encompass the proficiency courses which are offered within the range of art and culture. The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a double major and minor program, and graduates are qualified to find employment opportunities in many different areas within the perspective of the fashion and textile sectors. They may find positions such as:
  • fashion designer creating fashion brands in the field of ready to wear,
  • creative director in the design departments of ready to wear brands,
  • fashion designer in the field of ready to wear,
  • jewelery and accessories designer,
  • fashion editor working for fashion magazines and newspaper's fashion sections,
  • product manager working for big retail groups, concept stores and boutiques,
  • fabric, print and weaving designer for big fabric factories.