The aim of this program is give opportunity to the Visual Communication Design students at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Isık University to see the work environment ,work pattern, graphic design workflow and inform them about application techniques in their areas of expertise during their education period through the internship program in the sector.

Internship can't bee less than 40 workdays. Internship programs must be completed after the 2nd and 3rd academic years. Contents : Internship- GRT290

Duration: 20 workdays

Prerequests: Must be on 3rd therm of programme.

2.nd Internship– GRT390

Duration: 20 workdays

Prerequests: Must be on 5th therm of programme.

Internship must be done on academic holidays. Moreover students must find their own workplace/company where they would like to do their intership.

It is compulsory for the students to have their workplace approved by the university before they can do their internship.The Internship Form should be filled after the consent of the both parties, That is the company and the faculty,and then submitted to the Department of Personnel with a photocopy of the ID card and 2 photos ,15 days prior to commencing internship . Students whose internship places are determined can start after obtaining their Internship Evaluation Form.

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