Sector Internship; It is aimed for the students of the Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture to get to know the working environments and work patterns in the sector, to be informed about the workflow and application techniques of communication design, and to have knowledge about their areas of expertise. The total duration of internships cannot be less than 40 working days. Internships are divided into two after the completion of the second academic year and are done in the following order and content:


 1. GITA 3911 - Sector Internship I

Duration: 20 working days

Prerequisite: At least 4 semesters of enrollment in the basic program and 3rd year status.


2. GITA 4911 - Sector Internship II

Duration: 20 working days

Prerequisite: At least 6 semesters of enrollment in the basic program and 4th year status.

At least 15 days before the start date of the compulsory / voluntary internship, 1 internship application form, employer information form, photocopy of identity card, 1 size photo pasted on the form and scanned and e-mailed to the student's advisor responsible for the internship, it is obligatory to send all documents to the relevant Faculty / Vocational School department secretariat together with the approval e-mail from the teacher. It is important to fill in the forms in computer environment.

Documents to be submitted for internship:


1. Compulsory-Voluntary Internship Form

2. Employer Information Form

3. Declaration and Undertaking Documents

4. Two-way identity scanning