Field Qualifications

  1. Possess advance level of basic theoretical knowledge to consider with reflections on practice in the field.
  2. Possess analyses of theoretical knowledge and data evaluate with reflections on practice in the field.
  3. Possess behavior and social science and to possess relation between knowledge to understand basic theoretical knowledge
  4. Possess basic knowledge implementation in relation between people and societies.
  5. Possess basic knowledge on results and reasons with transformations of societies living
  6. Possess required knowledge in level of practical and theoretical to obtain data process in advance level
  7. Possess knowledge Social Research and Planning
  8. To achieve specific information resources in the field of behavior and social science using written and visual records
  9. To obtain knowledge by processing the technical facilities information on issues in the field and possess knowledge into the present report
  10. Possess making decision , implementing the decision and using knowledge related to the field to possess
  11. Interpret to related to the field and sub fields and the fields of other social science with making interdisciplinary relation
  12. Possess to awareness to fulfill the duties and responsibilities on issues in the field.
  13. Conduct studies at a problem in the field independently.
  14. Take responsibility both as a team member and individually in order to solve any unexpected problems faced within the implementations in the field.
  15. Planning, timing and managing many members of activities towards the development of subordinates in the framework of a project.
  16. To behave for social environment with a sense of social responsibility and serve as a model
  17. Evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired in the field with a critical approach.
  18. To know what and how to learn
  19. To find deficiencies in implementation and knowledge
  20. To show the level of attention and to keep continuous actual in the field
  21. To forward a new job in the same level or advance level of education in the field
  22. To competence with knowing together and share the knowledge
  23. To earn questioning consciousness and lifelong learning.
  24. Inform people knowledge and skills in written and orally on issues in the field
  25. Possess competence in practice and evaluate the skills learning throughout
  26. Reflect individual career the richness created by the conceptual differences while part of work life
  27. To use for social consciousness with a sense of social responsibility.
  28. Organize and implement project and activities for social environment with a sense of social responsibility.
  29. Monitor the developments in the field and communicate with peers by using a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio B1
  30. Use informatics and communication technologies with at least a minimum level of European Computer Driving License Advanced Level software knowledge.
  31. Act in accordance with social, scientific, cultural and ethnic values on the stages of gathering, implementation and release of the results of data related to the field.
  32. Possess sufficient consciousness about the issues of universality of social rights, social justice, quality, cultural values and also, environmental protection, worker's health and security.
  33. Posses open attitude towards change and innovation
  34. Competence interpretation of events and improve using information set and social and behavioral conceptual which the field is related with

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