Campus Life

Campus Life

Işık University carries out its education on two fully functional campuses.

Far from the city center, the university is located on a large area, which allows for various recreational activities. Situated near the beautiful beaches of Şile, the campus offers Işık University students the opportunity to engage in water sports, trekking, climbing, rafting, and bicycle tours.

Şile Campus caters to a 7/24 life with its dorms, sports centers, 24-hour working library, medical center and cafeterias, computer labs, markets, and restaurants. The campus also provides students with a rich recreational and cultural life including concerts, festivals, galleries, seminars and other activities.

Located in the city center of Istanbul, the Maslak Campus hosts graduate programs and the Faculty of Fine Arts. Additionally, various cultural activities such as art exhibitions, which are open to everyone, are organized in Maslak Campus. Due to its central location, transportation to Maslak Campus is very convenient.

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