Course Descriptions

Course Code Course Name Credit
MAN 102 Principles of Management (3+0+0) 3
General principles, major topics and essential terminology of the over-expanding area of business; issues of general management; the dynamics of Türkiye and actual Turkish business cases.
MAN 202 International Business (3+0+0) 3
An introduction to international management and the multinational enterprise. The cultural environment of international management. Planning in an international setting, organizing for international operations, directing international operations. International staffing, preparing employees for international assignments, and the control process in an international context.
MAN 204 Introduction to Logistics Management (3+0+0) 3
Basics for functions, processes and objectives of the logistics operation. Terminology and practical knowledge of logistics, management of logistics, basic supply chain activities, physical distribution and warehousing.
MAN 211 Financial Accounting (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to accounting principles and concepts, the recording process, adjusting the accounts and preparing the statements, completion of accounting cycle, accounting for a merchandising operations, and internal control and cash account.
MAN 212 Managerial Accounting (3+0+0) 3
Accounting for notes and accounts receivables, inventory and cost of goods sold, depreciation and amortization of tangible and intangible assets, current and long term liabilities, financial statement analysis, accounting for manufacturing corporations.
MAN 231 Introduction to Law (3+0+0) 3
Origins and development of law, basic concepts in law, the hierarchy of law, the making of law, legislative, executive, and judiciary powers in a state, laws and constitution, rights and freedom of citizens.
MAN 232 Business Law (3+0+0) 3
Legal transactions, classification of contracts, formation of contracts, offer and acceptance, contractual capacity, reality of consent, fictitious transactions; voidable contracts: mistake, fraud, duress, unconscionable bargain; subject matter of contracts.
MAN 301 Industrial Relations (3+0+0) 3
Origins of western labor unions, unions in developing countries, industrial relations and labor law in Türkiye; structure and functions of unions, collective bargaining, labor disputes and their settlement, mediation and arbitration, strikes and lock-outs, with reference to the ILO and EU dimensions.
MAN 304 Distribution Channels and Supply Chain Management (3+0+0) 3
Planning of logistics services and supply chain activities, organizing and managing global and local distribution channels, logistics cost analysis and tradeoff. The use of international documentation, terms of trade and relations management in industrial markets.
MAN 308 Logistics Planning and Modeling (3+0+0) 3
Designing, planning, implementing and evaluating manufacturing and service operations and modeling a logistics problem using linear programming. The structure and classification of logistics costs, logistics and cost accounting, transportation costs, the calculation and examination of costs in multiple transport systems.
MAN 311 Financial and Cost Accounting (3+0+0) 3
Recording accounting information, study of accounting cycles, preparation of balance sheets, income statements, flow of funds statements, cost analysis, costing systems and control.
MAN 314 Accounting Information Systems (3+0+0) 3
Basic theory and techniques of accounting for managerial decision making. A study of accounting systems and computer and communications technology. Information technologies in business and accounting-related awareness. The effects of developments in information technologies in accounting.
MAN 318 Auditing Theory and Practice (3+0+0) 3
Development process and social functions of auditing. Auditing environment; planning, testing and evaluating auditing. Risk assessment, developing audit procedures, audit sampling and the accounting cycles, preparing audit reports.
MAN 321 Business Finance (3+0+0) 3
Finance and the financial manager; present value and the opportunity cost of capital, calculation of present values, annuity and perpetuity formulas, introduction to valuation of bonds and common stocks, capital budgeting, NPV and its competitors, risk and return, capital budgeting and risk, corporate financing and market efficiency, issuing corporation securities.
MAN 322 Corporate Finance (3+0+0) 3
Dividend policy; debt policy; financing and valuation, understanding options, valuing options, real options, debt financing, risk management, financial analysis and planning.
MAN 326 Risk Management and Insurance (3+0+0) 3
The problem of risk, risks of the insurer and the individual, risk handling by insurance contracts. Lines of insurance such as property and liability insurance, transportation insurance, marine insurance, social insurance. Insurance and service guarantees. Basic principles in international insurance.
MAN 331 Organizational Behavior (3+0+0) 3
Behavior of people in organizational environments, leadership and motivation, communication and decision-making in organizations formation and behavior of groups within organizations.
MAN 332 Human Resources Management (3+0+0) 3
Managing the human resources of the organization, manpower, planning, selection and training of personnel evaluation and rewarding, career development programs.
MAN 335 Globalization and Social Policy Practices (3+0+0) 3
The meaning and significance of Social Policy, its historical development. Welfare policies: both government-initiated programs and voluntary private sector initiatives in the world and in Türkiye. The impact of globalization for social policy issues. Contemporary debates about social problems and different approaches on social policy issues. The impact of selected social policy practices on social welfare. Social Security in Türkiye.
MAN 341 Principles of Marketing (3+0+0) 3
Marketing strategy of the firm, selection of target markets and the design of the marketing mix, market segmentation and market coverage strategies.
MAN 342 New Product Development (3+0+0) 3
The concepts of creativity and new product, a detailed analysis of alternative new product strategies, introducing a feasible new product development process, step-by-step analysis, project study.
MAN 351 Production Management (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to operations management, competitiveness, strategy, and productivity concepts, forecasting, product and service design, strategic capacity planning for products and services, process selection and facility layout, location planning and analysis, management of quality, quality control.
MAN 355 Turkish Tax System (3+0+0) 3
Principles of taxation and Turkish tax system, Turkish tax legislation, the sources of taxes in Türkiye, procedures of taxation, tax laws and their applications in Türkiye, the concept and techniques of tax audit and the relationship with accounting.
MAN 362 Research Methods (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to research, defining the research problem, research design, qualitative research, quantitative research, experimental designs, measurement and scaling, questionnaire design, sampling procedure, data collection methods, data preparation and analysis, research report preparation and presentation.
MAN 387 Transportation Management (3+0+0) 3
Management of transportation for both private and public sectors, modes in freight and passenger transport, decision making methods in transportation management. Transportation cost, transportation pricing, transportation safety, traffic management, urban transportation, congestion and Türkiye's transportation infrastructure.
MAN 390 Internship in Management Non-credit
Carrying out a work project in a public, private or non-governmental institution.
MAN 401 Business Ethics (3+0+0) 3
Ethics in the world of business, ethical principles, ethics and morality, types of ethical theories, ethical analysis application: corporate and personal decision making, corporate social responsibility corporate codes of conduct, ethics and human resources management, ethics and marketing, advertising and product safety, ethics and international business.
MAN 404 Corporate Social Responsibility (3+0+0) 3
The meaning of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for multinational corporations. Definition of stakeholders and their impact on business community. The impact of CSR on Corporate Governance and Strategic Management. The impact of CSR in promoting long term financial benefits, sustainability and positive social and environmental changes. The positive influence of CSR on risk management. The relationship between business ethics and CSR. The importance of building responsible supply chains by identifying and addressing embedded social and environmental issues. CSR reports, CRI index.
MAN 409 Advanced Accounting (3+0+0) 3
Product costing and cost analysis for management planning and control. Advanced accounting theory applied to specialized topics and current problems. Consolidated statements and partnership accounting for mergers and acquisitions; accounting for partnerships; public accounting.
MAN 412 Portfolio Management (3+0+0) 3
Important issues in portfolio management, trading of financial assets, risk, return, and portfolio diversification, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and other asset pricing models, market efficiency, risk arbitrage, bond and stock valuation, options.
MAN 414 Financial Statement Analysis (3+0+0) 3
Overview of financial statement, accounting and financial analysis. Analysis of financial statements for credit and security, lending and investment decisions, bankruptcy prediction, valuation, and other decisions that rely on financial data.
MAN 420 Insurance Management (3+0+0) 3
General and basic information of the insurance and insurance branches. Risk assessment and pricing in insurance. Legal infrastructure and operations of the institutions in the insurance sector. Establishment, organizational, financial and administrative structures of the insurance companies and intermediaries. Customer relations, performance, financial and administrative managements in the insurance sector. Competition, auditing and arbitration in insurance companies.
MAN 422 International Finance (3+0+0) 3
Multinational finance, world trade and international monetary system, foreign exchange and Eurocurrency markets, international parity conditions, nature of currency risk, country risk, multinational treasury management, foreign exchange risk dependent changes in monetary assets and liabilities and real assets.
MAN 424 Financial Modelling (3+0+0) 3
Break-even and sensitivity analyses. Constrained optimization. Managing large data bases. User-defined functions and macros. Simulation using @Risk add-in. Analysis of problems from financial planning, capital budgeting, capital rationing, leasing, portfolio selection, binomial option pricing.
MAN 432 Sales Management (3+0+0) 3
Basic concepts of sales management with special emphasis on applications to business problems, strategic sales planning and budgeting, personal selling, sales ethics, sales goals and forecasting, implementing the sales program.
MAN 441 International Marketing (3+0+0) 3
Environment of international markets; alternative strategies for international expansion; export market selection; export marketing research; positioning and gaining competitive advantage in international markets; international marketing strategies.
MAN 443 e-Commerce (3+0+0) 3
Importance and dynamics of e-commerce. Existing and emerging e-commerce revenue models, e-retailing and e-services, online payment systems and security, order fulfillment, e-marketing concepts including online consumer behavior and e-CRM (client relations management) and the future of e-commerce.
MAN 444 Consumer Behavior (3+0+0) 3
The importance of consumer behavior in marketing science. Decision process of buyers. Economic, sociological, and psychological factors affecting purchase decisions, consumer needs and wants, behavior models. Customer satisfaction, usage and disposal, relevant marketing strategies.
MAN 445 Foreign Trade Management (3+0+0) 3
Company policies towards export and imports. Evaluation and selection of export and import markets. International trade terminology. Pricing and payment methods; export-import organization, logistics and financing; custom procedures.
MAN 448 Digital Marketing (3+0+0) 3
The concept of digital marketing, collecting data on digital channels, online marketing planning and online marketing mix (the meaning of online product, online pricing strategy, online distribution of the products, online communication tools), web site design, basics of digital marketing techniques; including personalized marketing, e-mail marketing, interactive marketing, viral marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing blogging, affiliate marketing, So-Lo-Mo.
MAN 450 Conflict Management and Negotiation (3+0+0) 3
Negotiation as a strategy and instrument in resolution of potential and actual conflicts. Negotiation theory, strategies, and styles within the work and leadership contexts. Negotiation in difficult situations: abrasiveness, racism, sexism, whistle-blowing, and emergencies. Creation, perpetuation, escalation and resolution of conflicts. Role-playing simulations and case studies: Mediation, investigation, arbitration, and system change as a result of a dispute, etc.
MAN 453 Inventory Management (3+0+0) 3
Procurement and its functions in logistics management, different procurement systems, procurement variables such as quality, quantity, time, price and source. Impact of suppliers on procurement systems. Understanding cases and different approaches in inventory management.
MAN 454 Logistics in the Industry 4.0 Era (3+0+0) 3
The aim of this course is to introduce and discuss the recent trends in logistics systems and practices in the new industry era called "Industry 4.0", which is dominated by the Internet and digital technologies. This course describes which challenges logistics is facing today, what will change with Industry 4.0 and how logistics providers can position themselves in a future-proof way with the innovative solutions and applications discussed under the term "Logistics 4.0".
MAN 457 Foreign Trade Financing (3+0+0) 3
Foreign exchange legislation. Foreign trade financing techniques. İnvoice discounting and forfaiting. Factoring. Loan/ advance based supply chain finance. Pre-shipment finance: Purchase order based finance. Bank payment obligation. International credit insurance. Eximbank. UCP 600. Guarantees.
MAN 458 Warehouse and Distribution Systems (3+0+0) 3
Warehousing and inventory concepts. Functions of warehouses and distribution facilities. Warehouse design; determination of the size and layout of a warehouse. Outsourcing of warehouses. Classification of warehouses. Effective and efficient management of warehousing processes. Warehousing equipments, racking systems and information technologies. Location selection. Distribution Systems. Cross-docking. Cost and performance management of warehouses and distribution systems. Safety and security management. Manpower management. Packaging and handling. Management of value added services in warehouses.
MAN 460 R&D Management (3+0+0) 3
Major topics and stages of research and development (R&D) management, establisment of R&D departments in companies, R&D project management. R&D law of Türkiye, government incentives for R&D, internationalisation of R&D processes of Multinational Companies, innovation and R&D capabilities of firms, R&D for greening automotive industry, hybrid and electric vehicles.
MAN 465 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (2+0+2) 3
Fundamental concepts in innovation and entrepreneurship. Examination of characteristics of entrepreneurs. Steps in entrepreneurial journey. Definition of needs and opportunities. Ideation and business model development by using business model canvas. Responsible entrepreneurship concepts and experience sharing. Organizations that support small and medium enterprises. Funding sources. Growing the venture by the support of angel investors, venture capital and private equity companies. Business exit strategies. Concepts of commercial entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. Business venture types, functions and their financial and legal responsibilities. Development and presentation of business plans (BPs) by teams. Importance of team formation and human resources management.
MAN 467 Soft Skills for Managers (3+0+0) 3
Key personal and professional development skills as leverage for success in life. Tools to solve problems, to handle conflicts, to develop effective strategies, to veritably communicate, to be an authentic leader. Learning awareness of limits, chances, potentials, decision-making, strategy-building. Focus on self-directed competencies (intra-personal), professional attitude for normative-cultural aspects, a professional code of conduct and ethical principles.
MAN 468 Strategic Management of Multinational Corporations (3+0+0) 3
The meaning of globalization for Multinational Corporations (MNCs). The impact of different political, legal, economic and technological forces on MNC management. Basic elements of international strategic management. Development of a framework for the analysis, evaluation and development of goals and strategy for organizations in a global context. Pressures and cost/benefits of strategies that emphasize global integration versus local adaptation. Specialized strategies required for entering foreign markets. Opportunities and problems faced by top management of MNCs. Effective control and decision making techniques in MNCs.
MAN 469 Intercultural Management (3+0+0) 3
Globalization, Cultural Aspects of Global Strategic Management, Global Integration versus National Responsiveness, Levels of Culture, Intercultural teamwork and communication, Management of Culturally Diversified Workforce, Organizational culture.
MAN 471 Labor Law (3+0+0) 3
Sources of labor law; formation, content and termination of the individual labor contract; job-security, notice pay and severance pay, rights and obligations of the employer and the employee; rules governing the administration of wages, hours of work, overtime, and paid vacations.
MAN 472 Managerial Decision Making (3+0+0) 3
Linear programming models, linear programming computer applications, sensitivity analysis, transportation, assignment and network models, integer, goal, and nonlinear programming, project management, decision theory, queuing models, simulation modeling, forecasting models and inventory control models.
MAN 473 Business Project Management (2+0+2) 3
Project selection, role of the project manager, project organization, project planning, budgeting and cost estimation, scheduling, resource allocation, monitoring and tracking projects using information systems, project control, audit and termination. Exploration of basic tools and techniques. Special emphasis on project leadership, conflict resolution and communication skills, risk analysis and problem solving in team-based projects.
Current trade issues. The Doha Development Round. Custom procedures; international piracy; flag and originating issues; health, safety and environmental standards.
FEAS/MAN457 International Trade Mission Project I: Theory (3+0+0) 3
Trade mission project preparation for an overseas destination: finding the company, selecting the product, creating a business plan, market research in the destination country and market competition analysis. Increasing knowledge on international culture, and work culture. Export, and finance knowledge, presentation skills, and sales techniques improvement.
FEAS/MAN458 International Trade Mission Project II: Application (3+0+0) 3
Prerequisite: FEAS/MAN457. Preparation for an exhibition/fair in the destination country: Determination of contacts for the promotion of the product in target country, establishment of contacts, setting appointments, delivery of the product to be displayed, setting up the stand, and the opening of the exhibition/fair.
FEAS 491 Erasmus Work Placement I (3+0+0) 3
Internship in a relevant area of at least three months funded by the Erasmus program. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.
FEAS 492 Erasmus Work Placement II (3+0+0) 3
Internship in a relevant area of at least three months funded by the Erasmus program. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

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