Objectives of Işık IE

IŞIKIE has three main objectives. The primary goal of IŞIKIE is to graduate industrial engineers, with solid foundations in mathematics, statistics and computer knowledge. Our graduates should be able to solve problems in different sectors from industry to services to agricultural sectors. To accomplish this, Işık University Industrial Engineering program aims to graduate engineers who can:
  • Work at diverse sectors such as service, manufacturing, public, and R&D in a multi-functional manner,
  • Lead Industrial Engineering projects and fulfill respective duties with social and ethical values in mind,
  • Join graduate level education at national and international institutions and publish scientific studies.
In summary, we educate our students to be industrial engineers who can think, have learned how to learn and how to research a new topic, and who have developed high levels of oral and written communication skills.

Industrial engineering is an applied science and aims to obtain scientific solutions to the problems encountered in real life to improve the status quo. Our goal is to develop an infrastructure to do applied research to fulfill the needs of the industry.
This will make it possible to contribute to the industry and at the same time to the discipline of industrial engineering. These goals will be accomplished by activities such as guiding students' theses using realistic problems and having them acquire both experience and an academic degree.

Education and research complement and nourish each other. For this reason, while fostering education towards the objectives stated above it is also necessary to establish the necessary research foundation to orient the students toward research and the generation of new knowledge.

Thus at IŞIKIE

  • We ensure that students start doing research by implementing scientific methods to real life problems. Such small to medium-sized problems can be obtained from the companies at which students are doing their internships.
  • We encourage faculty and students to engage in contracted research projects in order to contribute to finding solutions for economic problems.
  • We encourage graduate students to work on the department's projects so that they acquire knowledge about real life problems.
  • We have prepared an environment that allows students to acquire academic degrees while doing research on applied projects.
  • We financially support successful graduate students with their projects.
  • We encourage faculty and graduate students to publish the results of research projects in domestic and international journals.
  • We develop an environment in which research and education nourish each other.
  • To develop an environment in which so that the research and education nourish each other.

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