Dean's Message

The mission of our faculty is to educate leaders who can understand the economic, social, managerial and behavioral impacts of these technological developments and manage this transformation with reference to the key technological trends shaping the present and future.

Our vision is to create the technology-oriented faculty of social and administrative sciences of the 21st century.

The Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences has adopted the principle of educating its students by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to bring effective solutions to today's and tomorrow's problems and to adapt easily to changing conditions; to give them the ability to think independently; to instill creativity, dynamism and self-confidence.

The faculty members of our faculty have received their doctoral degrees from the leading universities of Turkey and the world, and are academicians who conduct research and publish internationally in their fields. The philosophy of our faculty sees research and education not as independent fields, but as elements of a common process. Therefore, our students in both our graduate and undergraduate programs gain the competencies of inquiry and research along with professional knowledge.

In line with FMV Işık University's educational philosophy that emphasizes creativity, our faculty offers its students the opportunity to take many elective courses in addition to the compulsory core courses. In this way, our students shape their education by taking different elective courses according to their interests and gain a multi-disciplinary education. Students of our faculty also have the opportunity to double major and minor and are especially encouraged to obtain a minor certificate.

Işık University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, like all other faculties and departments of our university, aims to equip its students with the principles of Atatürk, secular and modern identity, academic and ethical values, and hardworking human beings for Turkey and the world.

Prof. Dr. Serhat Koloğlugil


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