Dormitory Living Rules


Işık University dormitories are places where Işık University students spend their academic years and therefore places where they spend more time than at home. During this time, it is important to make students feel like they are at home by creating a warm, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere. For this reason, strict attention must be given to making them into places of mutual respect and love. In order to ensure such an environment, it is evident that everybody must respect the rights of each other and comply with some rules for the happiness of the community. These rules are itemized below.

All students staying in dormitories:

  1. Must comply with all the conditions specified in "Dormitory Living Conditions" and the "Dormitory Contract".
  2. Should demonstrate respect for the rights of student / students they room with.
  3. Should not make noise inside the dormitory or its surroundings, not take part in making noise, and not listen to loud music after 11:00PM.
  4. Shouldn't play sports in halls and rooms.
  5. Mustn't gamble or organize gambling.
  6. Mustn't wear inappropriate clothing in public places.
  7. Mustn't bring animals into or feed them in dormitories, except animals for the visually impaired.
  8. Must not smoke in rooms, except in identified areas or public areas.
  9. Shouldn't dry laundry in public areas and window edges.
  10. Shouldn't throw anything out of the dormitory windows.
  11. Must not write or hang anything in places not specified by the dormitories management.
  12. Follow the directions of the Dormitory Manager or officials and must not avoid receiving such directions.
  13. Must not keep or use any firearms or sharp weapons, fireworks, explosives, or other dangerous, lethal, or injurious weapons in dorms, even if these weapons are licensed.
  14. Must not light a fire in dorms or in places close to them.
  15. Must not give a false fire reports or violate security rules.
  16. Must not play with fire extinguishers or use them for purposes other than fire prevention.
  17. Must not cook in the rooms.
  18. Must not enter or let others enter areas other than those defined by the Dormitory Management.
  19. Must not conduct or attend meetings without permission of the dormitory manager.
  20. Must not declare incomplete, misleading, or false information on the application form.
  21. Must not use buildings and their parts for purposes other than is permitted or be an obstacle for management service rendering.
  22. Must not move dormitory items without permission of the management – all items in common places are provided for the general use of dorms inhabitants.
  23. Must not allow anybody to use their University ID card and room keys.
  24. Must not keep or drink alcohol inside or near the dormitory.
  25. Must tell visitors the rules of the dormitory, for the well-being of those who stay at dormitories.
  26. Must not accept anybody in your room, even if they are residents of other dorms, and especially must not board them. Visitors are permitted to use only the rest rooms situated on each floor. All visitors must leave the dorms at 11:00PM. Those visitors who are not from Işık University must leave campus no later than 11:00PM.
  27. Can accept parents, relatives, or friends as visitors within the scope of rules and time limits defined by the university.
  28. Must stay in rooms defined by dormitory management. Those students who want to change their room for various reasons may do so by filling out the "Room change application form" at the end of the month of each semester and submit it to dormitory management.
  29. Must not keep or use gas stoves, electric stoves, irons and similar electrical and gas equipment which can cause fire and other hazards. Only low-voltage household appliances such as computers, mini fridges, hair dryers, and water heaters can be used in rooms.
  30. Wash, dry, and iron clothes at laundries inside dormitory buildings.
  31. Mustn't keep products which can deteriorate or smell in rooms, and must keep common areas like kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, and other areas clean.
  32. Must purchase their own cleaning materials for personal use in dormitories (bath soap, toilet paper, etc.).
  33. Must not stay off-campus overnight outside unless they have written permission of their parents.
  34. Must show ID card to Işık University officials when necessary.
  35. Must, in case of emergencies such as severe sickness , inform relevant dormitory and building managers.
  36. Cannot, in case of severe sickness, stay in the dormitory with an attendant. In this situation, the student must go to the hospital or home.
  37. Must take personal belongings with them during vacations or when they leave the dormitory for any other reasons. Dormitory management is not responsible for belongings that are left or forgotten. Personal belongings of students who have paid for the room can stay in the room.
  38. Must be on campus by midnight on weekdays and 2:00AM on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
  39. Must pay dormitory fees on time. Relation with dormitory of those students who haven't paid the fee till the last day is cut.
  40. Who couldn't comply with entrance-exit timing rules because of emergency situations must inform the Dormitory Manager about the situation and submit, within two days, a written note from their parents explaining the situation.
  41. Are subject to inspections by the Dormitory Management or other authorized personnel, in order to ensure safety and hygiene rules are being followed.
  42. Students suspended from the University can't stay in the dorms during this period.