Işık University provides 24/7 medical emergency and ambulance service in cooperation with Acıbadem Mobile Health Services.

The Health Center, which is located on the University's Şile campus, has a health team composed of a doctor, a nurse, a fully-equipped ambulance, and a driver. The Health Center provides 24-hour normal policlinic and emergency policlinic services.

Emergency cases are transported by ambulance to hospitals in Şile or Istanbul under the supervision of a nurse or a doctor depending on the condition of the patient after initial treatment. This is undertaken in coordination with the patient's relatives, and our patients are monitored during the course of the treatment.

Our university's Health Center provides, free of charge, initial doses of necessary medication to students who visit the policlinic until the patient can procure these medicines himself, thereby assuring appropriate treatment and education is continued. In circumstances where it is necessary that patients be examined by a physician, we help patients to be examined by physicians working in Şile after informing them and receiving their approval.

Policlinic and infirmary services rendered at the campus share the same standards as those provided at Acıbadem Hospitals. One may reach experienced doctors by calling 444 9 724 for medical consulting and can receive immediate medical responses under emergency circumstances. It is also possible for patients to receive information on contemporary health issues and pharmaceuticals on duty.

The doctors and nurses working at the Health Center provide all types of consulting service concerning health conditions to our students and personnel. In addition, these doctors and nurses also regularly organize educational workshops on these topics.

We also have an infirmary administered by Acıbadem Mobile Health Services at our Maslak campus.


Şile Campus Social Center
Telephone : 0216- 712-14-60 – Extension number 5555/8888
Service hours: 7 Days – 24 hours
Maslak Campus: 
Service hours: Between 09.00-17.00 every weekday
Acıbadem Mobile Health 444 9 724

***Our Health Center at Şile Campus is open for 24 hours in cases of emergencies. EMERGENCY EXTENSION NUMBER: 8888

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