Important notes about internship

  1. The Internship Directive for the internship is given on the upper regulation section page.
  2. Two internships cannot be done in the same institution.
  3. The deadline for submission of internship reports is 16:00 on the last day of the add / drop period. Reports will be delivered to the person to be announced by the department.
  4. Along with the internship report, the internship evaluation document (internship registration certificate) and the compulsory internship form must be brought together in a sealed envelope filled, signed and stamped by the institution and signed on top of the envelope. (You are expected to bring 3 documents; Internship Report, Internship Evaluation Form (in a sealed envelope), a copy of the Mandatory Internship Form)
  5. The internship report should be prepared according to the sample report given on the department page. The font to be used is 12 pt Times New Roman.
  6. The institution information page of the report must be signed by the internship supervisor, other pages must be initialed.
  7. Corrected deadline for submission of the reports is 16:00 on the last day of course withdrawal.