Course List

TIM 501 Creative Thinking
TIM 502 Innovation Management
TIM 503 Strategic Management of Technology
TIM 504 Knowledge Management
TIM 513 Technology Foresight
TIM 500 Graduate Seminar
TIM 580 Term Project
TIM 581-9 Special Topics in Technology and Innovation Management
IT 526 Entrepreneurship in Information Society
IT 541 Design of Information Systems
IT 542 IT-Enabled Developments in Service Industry
IT 543 Information Systems and Decision Making
IE 542 Supply Chain Management and Innovation
IE 543 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
IE 544 Learning Organization
ME 541 Design for Manufacturability
MAN 504 Financial Analysis and Tools for Managers
MAN 509 Economics for Management
MAN 541 New Product Development and Design
MAN 543 Leadership and Team Management
MAN 544 Project Management
MAN 545 R&D Management
MAN 546 Entrepreneurship: Business Creation and Development
MIS 544 Leadership and Innovation in Information Technology Management

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