Course Description

Course Code Course Name Credit
IT 500 Graduate Seminar (Lisansüstü Seminer) Non-credit
Presentation of topics of interest in information technologies through seminars given by graduate students, faculty and guest speakers.
IT 506 Computer Networking Applications (Bilgisayar Ağları Uygulamaları) (3+0+0)3
LAN/WAN technology and systems, internetworking, internet applications like e-mail, FTP, WWW, Internet telephony and SIP, client/server interaction, sockets, Quality of Service(QoS) concept and implementation, network design and implementation, network management and operation.
IT 512 Internet Programming (Internet Programlama Teknikleri) (3+0+0)3
Introduction to Internet ve Applications, the use of programming languages for new generation Web along with multi-tier and distributed architectures, Web Service Provisioning (e.g. IIS, Apache), contemporaty front- and back-end programming including dinamik HTML, Javascript, PHP, MySQL. Term Projects
IT 520 Database Management Systems (Veritabanı Yönetim Sistemleri) (3+0+0)3
Fundamentals of relational databases. Entity-relationship modeling. Relational model. Data description and query languages. Normal forms and database design. Data layout, buffer systems, file management, indexing techniques (tree-based and hashing).Query processing methodology, implementation of relational operators, external sorting, query optimization. Transaction models, concurrency control algorithms, database recovery.
IT 524 Non-Traditional Databases (Geleneksel Olmayan Veritabanları) (3+0+0)3
Management of non-relational databases, such as multimedia databases, text databases, temporal databases or spatial databases. Rationale for and common applications of non-relational databases; systems and standards; the design and use of such databases.
IT 527 Network Security (Ağ Güvenliği) (3+0+0)3
Security attacks, services, and mechanisms. Brief overview of conventional and public-key cryptography. Network security applications, authentication, electronic mail, IP and Web security. System security issues, network management security, intrusion detection, prevention, and firewalls.
IT 531 Storage Preliminaries for Cloud Computing (Bulut Bilişimi İçin Veri Depolamanın Temelleri) (3+0+0)3
Essential concepts in information storage and management technologies. Direct-Attached Storage (DAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Internet Protocol Storage Area Network (IP-SAN), Content-Addressed Storage (CAS). Business continuity. Virtualization technologies. Storage security. Storage subsystems and the underlying protocols.
IT 535 Advanced Data Warehousing and Data Mining (İleri Veri Ambarlama ve Veri Madenciliği) (3+0+0)3
Advanced topics of data mining: evaluation of model accuracy, mining multidimensional data analysis, data visualization techniques, mining from special and multimedia databases, sequential pattern mining. Similarity search in databases, text mining and web mining. Computation of data cubes, indexing On-line Analytical Process (OLAP) data, and processing of OLAP queries.
IT 536 IT Outsourcing (Bilişim Teknolojilerinde Dış Kaynak Kullanımı) (3+0+0)3
Analysis of models and stages of ıt outsourcing. Managerial, operational and technical issues and approaches. It offshoring, multisourcing. Methods and tools used. Relationship management and coordiantion ıssues. Agile methods and global ıt development. Analysis of project contextual factors and readiness assessment.
IT 538 Semantic Web (Semantik Web) (3+0+0)3
Semantik web vizyonu. Yapisal web dokümanları: XML. Web kaynaklarının tanımlanması: RDF. Web ontoloji dilleri: OWL ve diğer diller. Mantık ve çıkarım: kurallar. Semantic web uygulamaları. Ontoloji mühendisliği.
IT 580 Dönem Projesi (Term Project) Non-credit
In depth study of an information technologies topic by M.S. students in the non-thesis option under the guidance of a faculty member.
IT 581-589 Special Topics in Information Technologies I-IX (3+0+0)3
Study of special topics chosen among the recent technological or theoretical developments in information technologies.
IT 590 M.S. Thesis (Yüksek Lisans Tezi) Non-credit
Preparation of a M.S. thesis by students of the M.S. program with thesis option under the guidance of an academic advisor.

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