Why Choose Işık University's Visual Communication Design Department?


It is of vital importance for organizations, governmental as well as nongovernmental, to be involved in using multicommunication channels for effective advertising. As a consequence of the development of design in different media subjects and tasks, a multidisciplinary team work having versatile expertise is required. A graphic designer, today, has to improve himself/herself and gain expertise in many areas such as desktop publishing, multimedia, and animation. Knowledge and employment requirements vary depending on the new technology.

Graphic Design education requires intensive use of computers and computer technology. Visual communication, motion graphics design, web and multimedia design, animation, advertising, and production and post-production in digital media have become the most common needs of human resources in Türkiye. In order to meet this need, students in the Graphic Design program will discover their potential, sharpen their creativity, get hands-on experience and learn how to process a collective work in the courses of Illustration, Typography, Photography, Computer Graphics, Video, and Design Packaging.

Graphic Design program students have the opportunity to use their new knowledge and application skills in business life with the help of internships and part-time work experience already gained during their education. The graduates of this program can work in many organizations, such as advertising agencies, multimedia industry, print shops, TV companies, banks, and governmental agencies as an art director, a graphic designer, an art consultant, a web designer or a freelance artist or a designer and can also continue their graduate and post graduate education.