Political Science Students

Political Science Students

1. Ceren Keser, student of International Relations, participated in a visit to New York Institute of Technology in September 2015 as a member of the Işık University's Honour Council.

2. İpek Bakkalcı, student of International Relations, participated in International Trade Mission project between 5-11 March 2016.

3. Ceren Keser, student of International Relations, participated in Model European Union programme in Strasbourg between 2-9 April 2016.

4. Students of International Relations participated in a trip to Ankara organized by the International Relations Club. They were accompanied by Asst. Prof. Ödül Celep. The group visited the Grand National Assembly, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, United Nations, as well as four political parties represented in the Parliament.

5. Işık students participated in EUROSIMA 2012 organized at the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ).

6. International Relations students interviewed with representatives of Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Republican People's Party (CHP) during their visit in the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) in 2012.

7. Işık students participated in the "Challenges and Opportunities in the Region" Conference organized by the Textile Industry Employers' Association of Türkiye in Antalya.

8. Department students visited Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania for an observation of post-Soviet democracy, and they visited the Chief Judge of the Latvian Constitutional Court in company with Associate Professor Rabia Karakaya Polat, the department chair.

9. International Relations students participated in "EUROSIMA 2011", the European Union Simulation organized at Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), Ankara.

10. Işık students participated in "BM-Model 2010", the United Nations Simulation Conference.

11. Department students engaged in observation activities in the 2010 Brazil general elections.

12. Students of International Relations department visited Princeton and Yale universities and interpreted the election outcomes during the 2008 US presidential election season.

13. Dilek Özbeşleroğlu, a student of International Relations, visited the Democratic Party election campaign office in New Heaven before the 2008 US presidential elections.

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