Access the Cambridge Universirty Press Journals

Access the Cambridge Universirty Press Journals

We have subscriptions to 441 peer-reviewed academic journals of Cambridge University Press, one of the world's leading university publishing houses in the field of academic publishing since 1968, covering social sciences, science, technology and medicine and containing more than 1.8 million articles. Some of these journals with high impact-factor are listed below. For access, you can click on the cover of the journals.

You can access all the journals of Cambridge University Press that we subscribe to through the Cambridge Core Platform.

You can access the journal list of Cambridge University Press by clicking here.

Some Selected Journals from the Publisher:

·         The British Journal of Psychiatry

·         Episteme

·         Politics & Gender

·         Philosophy

·         Business History Review

·         International Theory

·         Public Health Nutrition

·         Psychological Medicine

·         Development and Psychopathology

·         International Journal of Middle East Studies

·         Behavioral and Brain Sciences

·         European Psychiatry

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