Discover Mendeley!

Discover Mendeley!

What is Mendeley?

  • It is a reference management tool that allows you to store, organize, share and easily cite your reference sources and research data.
  • Creating an online personal / group reference resource library that can be accessed on any device 24/7.
  • Easily transfer your reference library from your computer, from web-based sources or other reference management software.
  • Personalized study experience with note taking / highlighting / notepad tools.
  • Quick and easy citation / bibliography creation with over 10,000 citation styles options.
  • Collaboration and joint work with private groups. Click for detailed info.
  • In addition to literature browsing and open access publications among more than 100+ million sources (journal articles, book chapters, conference broadcasts, etc.), if you are in the institution IP \ proxy, access the PDF full text of your institution's provided / add to your Mendeley library. You can scan by clicking here.

First step to get started: Creating a Mendeley user account

1. You can create a user account on the Mendeley web page with the Create Account button on the right.
2. If you have previously created an account from any Elsevier platform (ScienceDirect, Scopus, Mendeley etc.) with the same e-mail, the system will recognize you and ask for your password.
3. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it with the forgot password step.
4. To take advantage of the Mendeley Institutional Version through the TÜBİTAK ULAKBİM EKUAL project (100 GB storage instead of 2GB, unlimited private group creation, etc.):
• You can create a Mendeley user account with your extension e-mail address.
• You can log in to the user account you have created with your corporate or private e-mail address while within the corporate IP \ proxy network.
• When you complete the above steps, you will receive an enterprise upgrade confirmation email stating your benefits.

What are the required plugins / software for using Mendeley?

Alternatives for the Mendeley Library: You can use one or more at the same time according to your preference. All of them work in sync with the cloud storage system.

  • You can view / manage your library by logging into your account on the web-based page without installing any software / program on your computer.
  • You can find the user guide here.
  • It works with the Mendeley Cite plugin for attribution and can be downloaded here.
2. Mendeley Reference Manager - Software:
  • If you need to work offline, you can install the software on your computer and view / manage your library through this software. As long as you have an internet connection, it synchronizes automatically with the cloud.
  • Loading pages:
  • You can find the user guide here.
  • It works with the Mendeley Cite plugin for attribution and can be downloaded from here.

3. Mendeley Desktop - Software:
  • It is the first software version to be retired after a while. Recommended only for users who cannot use Mendeley Cite due to technical problems.
  • If you need to work offline, you can install the software on your computer and view / manage your library through this software.
  • Manual synchronization with the cloud is required and if this is not done, it is only backed up on the computer, the changes made will not be reflected in other web-based Mendeley Reference Manager system.
  • Loading pages

  • You can find the user guide here.
  • It works with the Mendeley Citation Plugin plugin for attribution. You can find the user guide here.

What are the ways to transfer resources to the Mendeley library?

  1. Transfer from web-based pages: It is recommended to use the Web Importer plug-in and you can access the download options from this page. In addition to open access publications, if you are in the institution IP \ proxy, it offers the opportunity to access the full text of the PDF provided by your institution / add it to your Mendeley library.
  2. Transferring resources on your computer
  3. Transfer from other reference management systems
  4. Manual resource entry
  5. Guidance pages are listed below:
How do I add a file (s) to Mendeley Desktop?


For your questions and problems, we recommend that you first check the Mendeley support page. This is how you can get the technically fastest response and solution. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you can send your question / problem to our technical team from the Email or Chat sections at the bottom of the support home page. You may not be able to find some Mendeley sections / functions since December 2020. You can find information about the new structuring in Mendeley, which took effect here.

Useful Pages

Citation Styles:

Why is the citation style I want to use not available in Mendeley Cite?

Why are my citation styles not appearing correctly?

What Citation Styles are available in Mendeley?

How do I create or edit Citation Styles?

How do I change the citation style used by Mendeley Cite?

How do Mendeley document types and fields map to their Citation Style Language (CSL) equivalents

Citations/bibliography in general:

How do I change the bibliography's language?

How do I insert a bibliography in my document with Mendeley Cite?

Does Mendeley Cite support footnotes?

How do I edit or merge a citation from my document with Mendeley Cite?

Why are my citations not in the correct order and why do they break when I insert a new citation?

Why are my citations not recognised when I select them in the document?

How can I prevent Author initials being added to my citations in Word?

How do I remove the Mendeley code from a document?

Why am I being told third-party cookies are blocked when I try to export a citation to Mendeley on ScienceDirect?

How do I remove a citation from my document with Mendeley Cite?

How do I remove the Mendeley code from a document in Mendeley Cite?

Why is the page number missing or incorrect when I import an article to Mendeley Reference Manager?

How do I get citation updates?

Mendeley Citation Tools:

Why do I need to update my Mendeley Desktop Word plugin document to work with Mendeley Cite?

Why does Mendeley Cite no longer recognise previous citations that I have made and my bibliography only show new citations?

Can I use documents containing citations made with the citation plugin available with Mendeley Desktop with Mendeley Cite?

What can I do if I'm having issues with the Word Plugin?

How do I install the citation plugin?

How do I insert citations into my document using Mendeley?

How do I insert a citation into my document with Mendeley Cite?

How do I fully uninstall the Word Plugin?

What should I do if my Mendeley Word Plugin has disappeared?

Will the citation plugin available with Mendeley Desktop still work?

Can I cite?

What is Mendeley Cite?

What does Mendeley Cite do?

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