Access Provided for Springer's 99.000 e-books.

Access Provided for Springer's 99.000 e-books.

Springer, one of the best academic publishing houses in the world, has been opened for access to 99.000 e-books. During the access period, you can download the chapter by chapter as well as download the entire book. The books you download will remain permanently on your device unless you delete them.


Science, Technics and Medicine Collections: 

Humanities and Social Sciences Collections:


Key Features of Springer's eBooks The following are as follows:

  • Books can be downloaded with an unlimited access model, chapter by chapter or directly as a entire book.
  • Unlimited download feature is available. There is no download limitation.
  • The book chapters contains DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
  • 24/7 access is available. If you are connecting from out of the campus, you can access with our off-campus access system. You can use your corporate email adress and pasword for login the system.
  • Books can be accessed directly from the SpringerLink platform; It is also accessible from the academic web discovery tool by searchable with all other sources.
  • You can read and download from all kinds of electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, e-book reader) without the need for any plug-in.

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