Access Provided for all of the Wiley's E-books.

Access Provided for all of the Wiley's E-books.

.All of Wiley's e-books from important STM (Science, Technology, Medicine) publishers were accessed through the Wiley Online Library platform until December 31, 2020. The platform provides access to 21.000 important e-books about business administration, finance, management, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, agriculture, education, engineering, law, life and health sciences, mathematics, statistics, physics and psychology etc. And also Wiley's and Blackwell's journals are accessible with this platform.

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Note: You can request the article of journals that are not in our subscription from our library. (Numbers published before 1997)

Key Features of Wiley eBooks The following are as follows:

  • Books are provided with an unlimited access model. It is possible to download the chapters one by one or to download all chapters.
  • Unlimited download feature is available. There is no download limitation. The downloaded chapter or book will always be permanent unless you delete it from your device.
  • The book section contains DOI (Digital Object Identifier). 24/7 access is available. You can Access from out of campus with your univeristy mail adresses.
  • Wiley's e-books can be accessed directly from the Wiley Online Library platform, and the library can be accessed from the academic web search tool along with all other sources.
  • All kinds of electronic devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, e-book reader) without any plug-in readability, downloadable feature is available.

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