The Işık University 18th Spring Festival

Despite heavy rains, IŞIKFEST 2014, Istanbul's only spring festival to endure the weather created a memorable weekend for our students. The Feyziye Schools Foundation Işık University Traditional Spring Festival took place on 9-10 May on the university's Şile campus, with this year being no exception from the past, and full of great fun for all.

In this the 18th year of the festival, the stage was taken by Kenan Doğulu, Feridun Düzağaç, and Model. The Işık University Music Club along with musical groups from other universities attracted the great interest of our students. Before the artists took the stage, and throughout the festival, students were entertained by such sporting events such as football competition organized by the Sports Club. Işık University's special organization of first day activities such as the "Sefa Özçiçek Beach Volleyball Tournament" and the "Streetball and Three-on-Three Tournaments" kept the festival lively and entertaining before the Model group took the stage.

Despite heavy rains on the second day, IşıkFest 2014 was not dampened, with Feridun Düzağaç and Kenan Doğulu bringing the fun to the Işık campus. Feridun Düzağaç drew a loud reaction from the crowd when he shouted, "I'm as wet as you are!"

First off, Feridun Düzağaç took the stage in the driving rain, with the students imploring the artist to put on a raincoat. Düzağaç reluctantly accepted their offer, shouting to the crowd, "I have never used an umbrella before! Searching for the sky, I've never used anything. Don't you either!" To keep the crowd going, he shouted, "I'm as wet as you are!"

Following the Feridun Düzağaç concert, and in spite of the heavy rain, Kenan Doğulu took the stage, thanking the wonderful crowd. Under the rains, a definite Işık University memory!

In spite of the rains, the terrific energy from the Işık crowd inspired Kenan Doğulu to play songs outside of his repertoire, even taking student requests, and moving around the front of the stage, getting just as wet as the students. By the end of the night, the soaking wet Doğulu and Işık students had created an unforgettable memory, one these students will never erase from their memories.

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