First Stop on a 12.500 KM Road Trip

An eight-student group from Holland - under the project name: The Study Road - embarked on a 12,500 km adventurous and educational road trip from Istanbul to Beijing via the historical Silk Road.

Creating a team is the most important part of the journey, claims the Dutch "The Study Road" team, which set off on its long road to China from Istanbul on 14 March. The team is spending 5.5 months bicycling the 12,500 km route withe goal of pioneering a new education method.  'The Study Road' annual development program is designed such that participants go through a series of tests for skills development  as well as for the team to experience different cultures.

'The Study Road' participating students will be experiencing a distinct new life-classroom in being hosted by universities along the way where they will study topics such as international relations, social responsibility, organizational sustainability, politics, art, history, and culture. The students have the unique opportunity to personally experience and explore the cultures and the peoples of the countries they will pass through along the way. One of the more important purposes of their traveling from campus to campus, class to class is for the students to be able to transfer the theoretical concepts of the regional and international levels to the practical aspects of everyday life that they will witness.

Coming from different professions, the team is challenging conventional education models by traveling to different universities and exchanging ideas and cultural experiences through interactive education. The group of Dutch students on 'The Study Road' team, started their trip as guests of Işık University on the Şile Campus. While on campus, the team were guests of Işık University's FMV Radio Club, where they had a lively, entertaining chat with Işık University students about their planned adventure.

Interestingly, the Dutch students had planned to emulate a bike excursion similar to the one made by Işık University students when they completed the 710 km "Işık Roadtrip" from Salonica, Greece to Şile. By using this eco-friendly means of travel and education, the group is raising awareness of their trip. Işık University students took this opportunity to invite their Dutch peers to join them in a similar project that will be executed in 2014.

With their adventure beginning in Istanbul, the team will travel through Ankara, Nevşehir, Ürgüp, Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş, Bilecik, Şanlıurfa, Mardin, and Van before continuing on to Iran. After making their way through Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan, and Kazakistan, the group will reach China.

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