Top4HoneyChains Project Promotional Event

The launch event of the Trusted and Sustainable Open Platform for Smart Honey Value Chains (TOP4HoneyChains) project, conducted by Dr. Şahin Aydın, Head of the Department of Management Information Systems at the Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences, will be held on October 20 at Işık University.
TOP4HoneyChains, a multinational project (with Argentina as a transatlantic stakeholder) involving research and innovation excellence by adopting a multi-actor approach to design responsive and adaptive smart honey value chains, is supported by ERA-NET ICT-AGRI-FOOD and TÜBİTAK.
The promotional event of the international project, coordinated by Turkey in a consortium of Argentina, Poland, and Latvia as project partner countries, will be held at our university.
We welcome everyone interested in the promotional event, which will be a milestone of innovation, sustainability, and reliability in honey value chains.
🗓️ Friday, October 20, 2023
⏰ 10.00
📍 Youth Camp, Şile Campus

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