Duğuş Auto Studio-D Creates a Difference Doğuş Auto Aftermarket Service Personnel to Receive Training at Işık University

Işık University's Center for Continuing Education will begin providing training, until the year-end, via the "Studio-d Difference Creators" program to Doğuş Automotive blue collar personnel in topics such as visioning, self-confidence, motivation, smiling appearance, providing distinct service.

The Işık University-Doğuş Automotive partnership has prepared this modular development program. The 656 Doğuş Automotive staff members comprised of Foremen, Technicians, Technician-Asisstants, Guarantee and Disposition staff from Doğuş Automotive, will receive sustainable, developmental support from the Işık University Center for Continuing Education. S tarting in March 2014, trainees will be coming from all sectors of Doğuş Automotive, with training continuing until the end of the year.


Işık University Board Chairman, Prof. Dr. Sıddık Yarman, provided the main remarks at the opening ceremony of the Işık University-Doğuş Automotive partnership program, "Studio-d Difference Creators." Prof. Dr. Sıddık Yarman's speech noted that, "Our university has grown and developed for 18 years. We are prepared for a difference-creating d-type course such as this one. Işık University, for the last four years, under the leadership of our rector, Nafiye Güneç Kıyak, has specifically focused its efforts on developing relations with industry. She opened the Center for Continuing Education. She developed Graduate and Doctoral programs with a bend toward industry. A university that is disconnected from industry will be left without character. You must provide education with international standards. The staff that we train do not settle only in their region or country, they carry out their work around the world. We need to provide value-added. Indeed, it was with this philosophy that Işık University was established. Now, 18 years have passed, and research for the industry is underway. It is with this Doğuş Automotive seminar that we proudly open the Center for Continuing Education. It is this partnership's beginning that I am experiencing peace and happiness. For the leadership of this initiative I thank my friend."

EMPLOYEES OF THE MOST IMPORTANT INDUSTRY Işık University rector, Prof. Dr. Nafiye Güneç Kıyak, remarked that, "In recent years, the working world has met some major changes. Globalization, human working styles and completed work have changed, and continue to do so. In this process, the working world has encountered two different shapes. One of these could be called "human capital/human resources," and the second one is for life-long learning. Lifelong learning, over the last quarter century, has entered the world's agenda. From UNESCO's 1970s campaign for 'life long learning', to the 1980s, starting with OECD countries and spreading to many others, "adult learning" was embraced as formal education. For an organization, the most important investment is the reliable workforce. As such, the focus of human resource policy must be to raise the level of human potential in the organization. With such fierce competition in today's world, the most natural means of improving the skills and potential of the workforce is through education provided by the university. Today, the Işık University Center for Continuing Education and Doğuş Automotive will begin adding value to human capital through the framework of this program." And with these comments, the rector thanked those present by noting that preparations were completed to begin the program.


Doğuş Automotive and Doğuş Auto Board of Directors Chair, Aclan Acar spoke on behalf of his organization. "Learning has no age; learning does not end. We continue to remain a learning organization. All of our efforts are focused on improving the quality of our personnel, as people and as skilled employees through support and education, and this creates the difference that we continue. On top of presenting creative solutions to customer needs and expectations, understanding at that moment the customer needs...'How can we do this better? How can we do this uniquely?' is what we continuously strive for. My dear professors, I thank you very much for the support you are offering us. As the saying goes, 'Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for life.' I can say that we are ready to learn to fish. I thank you all again and again, and wish you all the success in your work.


Doğuş Auto General Manager, Zafer Başar emphasized the importance of empathy in his remarks. "Innovative service can only exceed expectations with empathy. In order to become empathetic and think like our customers, we need to like our colleagues and our working environment and our organization. People working in the studio all day will be exposed to competition and customers. If they can understand that their work is not only technical and maintenance, but that they are also assisting customers to make their lives less complicated by completing work in less time than promised, the customers are afforded more time to complete important tasks such as taking their children to the doctor or attending a meeting. For that reason, I would like to thank our university professors, our board of directors, who are leading this initiative, and all of our colleagues. I wish you all success in this education program."

THEY WILL BE THINKING ABOUT HOW TO CHANGE THEIR CUSTOMERS' LIVES Doğuş Automotive Human Resources and Process Management Director, Ela Kulunyar, explained why they wanted to create this program specifically. "Strengthening value-added by our employees brings great advantages to the service we provide. This service is a large department, and it will be handled by our colleagues. This is an important difference that this team is creating. In bringing this program to life, what we wanted was: While our employees are at work, demonstrating everything they know through work and effort; actually we want them to keep in mind the way they are affecting their customers' lives, and how they are providing a positive impact at the company as well. To all participants and those administrations supporting us, I thank you.

Education Goals:
  • Blue collar employees understand their value
  • underscore the similarities between the work of automotive engineers and service technicians
  • Gain the perspective of automotive production engineers
  • Gain full understanding of trends and the Turkish automotive sector
  • Provide developments in psychology
  • Provide perspective of the future of automotive technology
  • Discuss the various approaches to unique service

The program is comprised of 3 primary modules:
First Module: The Automotive Sector Yesterday and Today - Brands through the Eyes of the Consumer Second Module: Individual Motivation - Confident Service with a Smile Third Module: Significance and Impact of the Technician - The Future of Technology

Teams from each sector will receive three separate, half-day training sessions. At the end of the program, participants will receive a "Işık University Program Participant" certificate.


One of the instructors, Çınar Noyan, commented that: marketing, communications, and particularly professional experience in the automotive sector will be provided through "The Automotive Sector Yesterday and Today - Brands through the Eyes of the Consumer." Participants will analyze brand streams in Türkiye, the most popular brands, segmentation analysis and segment leaders, emerging trends and customer expectations, as well as sales comparisons of automobile makes. Additionally, sessions will cover consumer perspectives of brands, consistent consumer complaints, the significance of the service network, customer satisfaction added by technicians, and understanding and creating a difference.

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF SERVICE WITH A SMILE Burak Koçer, instructor for "Individual Motivation - Confident Service with a Smile," noted that participants will receive training in the need for motivation, motivation styles, approaches to personal issues, motivation in private life, needs hierarchy, self-esteem - self-control, dangers of confidence deficits, body changes from aging, positive thinking, response-reaction, and service with a smile.


Özcan İnci, instructor for "Significance and Impact of the Technician" pointed out that through this interactive course designed specifically for the needs of technicians, the training will include: specific qualities necessary for technicians; the difference between good, very good, and great; what is the developed brain; 15 things you can do to develop your brain; what are the expectations of technicians; learning techniques and the learning process; problem solving; systematic approaches to problem solving; as well as individual assessment - tests and ways to develop problem solving techniques.

Additionally, participants will form a deep understanding of Automobile Design and Production, Prototyping, Stages of Testing and Production, Similarities Between Service and Production, Progress in the Automotive World, Speed of Technology, New Generation Automobiles, and New Engine Technology - Electric Vehicles, New Fuels.

Whatever the subject, the instructors will share their expertise through discussions with the participants. Topics will be supplemented with analysis of relevant video, keeping participant interest high.

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