Işık Trekking into History and Nature

Students and faculty of Işık University, under the guidance and expertise of Geologist and head of the Şile Volunteers for the Environment Association, Nabi Evren, participated in the 4th Işık University Traditional Nature Walk, exploring the Old Genoese Settlement in Ağva. This annual nature walk included a walk back in history as well.

Ağva's Latin meaning is "a village settled between two rivers" and "water". In the northern part of Istanbul, Ağva is a small, Black Sea coastal town situated between the Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers, which run to the sea. The rivers are easily navigable by canoe or water bicycle. 12 kilometers distant lies the village of Hacıllı, known for its caves and waterfalls. Kilimli and Kadırga coves are conveniently located within walking distance.


Ağva's history and cemetery, stretches back to the 7th century B.C. The 2.5 hour trek through history took the group through remains intertwined with the forest overgrowth. The natural bridges, Kilimli Islands, cliffs, pitorestk geomorphological formations, magnificent natural beauty amidst pure air were all preserved for eternity by the cameras of the Işık hikers.

The 2nd Period Settlement from the time of the Venetians, Romans, Byzans, and Genovese is explored via a trail with a difficulty ranging from 6 to 2. Işık students and faculty members enjoyed a wonderful 6km trail hike,,along the way experiencing the natural beauty of Kingfishers, the Malkayalar rocks, the Kilimli Islands, the Kilimli Cliffs, and Bride's Rock.

The day's third stage was a memorable bird's eye view of Ağva for the Işık trekkers, followed by a welcome rest stop amidst nature with Şile pastries.

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