The 100th Birthday of Suzan Kahramaner, Türkiye's First Female Mathematician, Celebrated at Işık University International Symposium

To commemorate the accomplishments and the 100th birthday of Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner, Türkiye's first female mathematician, Işık University is hosting the GFTA2013 International Mathematics Symposium. Accomplished mathematics academicians from the four corners of the globe will be on Işık's campus until August 30th for this 9th annual symposium.

Over 100 esteemed scholars from as far away as America and Japan are attending the symposium named in honor of Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner, Türkiye's first female mathematician. At the symposium's opening ceremony, Işık University Faculty of Science and Letters Dean, Prof. Dr. Sabri Arık, welcomed the visitors to Işık and the symposium before inviting Prof. Dr. Yasemin Kahramaner to the podium to provide a biographical sketch of the life of Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner.

"I am very happy to be here with you today at this International Symposium on Geometric Function Theory and Applications" were the opening words of Prof. Dr. Yasemin Kahramaner. She began her profile of Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner by stating that, "Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner entered the world on 21 May, 1913. By 1934, after completing her studies at Nötre Dame de Sion, she enrolled in Istanbul University's Department of Mathematics and Astronomy. Following successful completion of her studies, she went on to serve as an assistant for Analysis 1 and Analysis 2 in Istanbul University's Mathematics Department. Türkiye's first female mathematics professor, Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner, began teaching as an assistant at Çamlıca College in 1943, and in the same year began as an assistant in Istanbul University's Mathematics Department. Later on, she completed her doctorate on Exponential Problems in Complex Computational Theory, and in 1968 was awarded her professorship. She conducted research at universities in Zurich, California, Helsinki, in addition to London, Paris, and Nice. From 1978-1979, she served as Department Head of Istanbul University's Mathematics Department, and after a life of 40 years as an academician, she chose to move into retirement." In addition to these historical notes, Prof. Dr. Yasemin Kahramaner emphasized that Suzan Kahramaner was not only an important scholar for the country of Türkiye, but an exceptional person for her students, to whom she gave each and every one her undivided attention. Here today, from over 30 countries, we have 100 loving individuals here to honor this great woman with their presentations.

Following Prof. Dr. Yasemin Kahramener's talk, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tosun Terzioğlu, founding rector of Sabancı Üniversitesi took the podium with these words, "Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner, is one of the bedrocks of the fields of mathematics and mathematics education. Unfortunately, I did not know her personally. However, she was a friend of my father's and they worked together on the subject of Functional Theory." Pointing at one of the photographs of Prof. Dr. Suzan Kahramaner on the wall behind him, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Tosun Terzioğlu continued with, "She always had a smile for everyone. For young mathematicians, she was a fine teacher, always ready to help. Suzan Kahramaner was Türkiye's first mathematician with a doctorate earned in Türkiye, in addition to being one of the first mathematicians in the whole education system. The last speaker to the podium was Işık University Faculty of Science and Letters, Department of Mathematics faculty member, Assistant Professor Dr. Melike Aydoğan. She warmly welcomed the participants to Istanbul, GFTA2013, and Işık University, and thanked them for joining them in this celebration of the 100th birthday of Suzan Kahramaner, pointing out that this is one of the most important symposia for the latest developments in the mathematics areas of Complex Analysis, Geometric and Simple Functions Theory, Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, and other new realms of exploration. The International Symposium on Geometric Function Theory and Applications (GFTA2013), hosted by Işık University August 26-30, 2013, was first organized in 2005, and carries the unique distinction of being held in a variety of countries around the world over the last nine years.

This symposium is one of the world's most prestigious gatherings of academics in the field of Geometric Functions Theory. Attendees at GFTA2013 will not only be able to participate in this important academic meeting, but they will also be guests on colorful excurions such as an Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise and a tour of the nearby resort of Ağva. For more information about this symposium on the Şile campus of Işık University, point your browser to:

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