Işık University Opens Doors to Professions for the Future with Four New Programs

New programs for 2012-2013: Accounting and Auditing, International Logistics, Automotive Engineering, and Landscape Architecture.

In response to industry demand, Isik University has added four new undergraduate programs that will receive students in the 2012-2013 academic year. Accounting and Auditing and International Logistics opened within the scope of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences , Automotive Engineering opened within the scope of Engineering Faculty, and Landscape Architecture Departement opened within the scope of Faculty of Fine Arts.

We have developed programs that will support economic growth and meet future industry demands, providing graduates with an international vision and interdisciplinary approach.

Automative Engineering: Enabling Graduates to be Internationally Capable and Competitive

In the 2012-2013 academic year, the Faculty of Engineering Automotive Engineering Graduate Program, will train young engineers in Türkiye's automotive industry to be internationally competitive. As the need for specialized manpower in the Turkish automotive industry increases, the co-operation between Dogus Automotive and Işık University will provide the required specialized trainees to the sector. The department, which already provides opportunities in machinery, manufacturing, electrical, electronic and mechatronic engineering, seeks to enable graduates with skills that allow them to create a difference in an internationally competitive environment.

In addition to Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics, Computer, Software and Security Engineering, Automotive Engineering uses methods and technologies that are utilized in multi-disciplinary professions and aid in the development of necessary system designs.

Emerging Occupations: Accounting and Auditing and International Logistics Management

Accounting and Auditing and the International Logistics Management programs, within the Isik University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, provide students with training in two possible areas of expertise.

The Accounting and Control Program has been established with a brand-new curriculum to train professionals. This curriculum will focus on international standards in the new Turkish Commercial Code. The program's content will be provided by the profession's world leader: "Association of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW)".

The results of the recent economic crisis have indicated the need for economic transparency and control programs. We have chosen to develop this program at the undergraduate level in order to respond to the needs of our country in this area. In response to the new Turkish Commercial Code, thousands of companies in Türkiye will need to develop transparent processes.

Another program which is gathering attention is International Logistics Management. The growing demand in logistics management within the globalization process, from a scientific perspective, has indicated the need for the development of this program. The main Turkish agenda, as a developing countries, is to solve logistical problems; this is of direct interest to many sectors from industry to tourism.

The International Logistics Management program will provide an international perspective from a multi-disciplinary faculty. Students can specialize in logistics management, supply chain and in the field of transport. International Logistics Management program, which is taught in English, will train in a manner parallel to the Industrial Engineering department.

Arts, Environment, and Architecture Meet: Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is one of the most popular professions in the world. As part of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Işık University, this program brings together architectural principles to enable artists to create outdoor spaces. The faculty includes two pioneers in the establishment of Turkish landscape architecture, "Prof. Dr. Melih Boydak" and "Prof. Dr. Ismet Vildan Alptekin" offered Işık University episode, aesthetic and economic aspects of the environment re-educate landscape architects to plan.

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