Biomedical Engineering

Additional Courses for Biomedical Engineering Students Who Pursue a Double Major in IŞIKIE

Course Code Course Name ECTS Prerequisite
INDE1001 Industrial Engineering Orientation 2 -
INDE2001 Operations Research I 7 MATH2104
INDE2211 Industrial Production Systems 6 -
MATH2201 Probability 6 -
COMP2103 Object Oriented Programming with Java 5 COMP1101
INDE2442 Engineering Economy 6 -
INDE2002 Operations Research II 7 INDE2001
INDE2156 Engineering Statistics 6 MATH2201
INDE3103 System Simulation 6 INDE2156
BUSI3111 Financial and Cost Accounting 5 -
INDE3151 Forecasting Methods 6 INDE2156
INDE3001 Operations Research III 6 MATH2201
INDE3312 Production and Service Operations Planning 6 INDE2001
INDE3314 Quality Planning and Control 6 INDE2156
BUSI4573 Business Project Management 6 -
INDE3910 Summer Practice II 1 -
INDE4003 OR Modelling Applications 6 INDE2001
INDE4902 Graduation Design Project 6 ENGR4901
INDE-AE-III Area Elective 5
INDE-AE-V Area Elective 5

Total ECTS 109

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