Third Prize in Design Competition: "Reamy" Child Seat Project

The Aegean Furniture, Paper, and Forestry Products Exporters' Association and the Ministry of Trade has announced the results of the "Exceptional Design Competition", which was organized for the third time this year with the support of the Ministry of Trade. The theme of the competition this year is "SMART FURNITURE" and many young talents participated in this creative design contest.
The concept of the competition aims to design sustainable, smart furniture that offers solutions to the problems and needs of users, facilitates the life and work of users for their purpose, meets at least one of the functions of "Sitting, Resting, Working, and Storage" by utilizing the available space at an optimum level, and has a high export potential.
At the award ceremony held in Izmir, Asu Yılmaz, Öykü Akkaya, and Fatma Doğa Bilgiç, students at our university's Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, were presented with the third prize for their "Reamy" child seat project. The "Reamy" project aims to create a playground where children can freely use their imagination and shape furniture elements according to their own designs. Inspired by the term "play couch,", this design offers children a creative experience where they can create playgrounds and characters. This creative and functional design offers an innovative approach to enhancing children's play and educational experiences.
We congratulate our students for their efforts and wish them continued success.

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