The Visual Communication Design Department's Great Success in the International Art Scene

Lecturer Selçuk Öziş from the Visual Communication Design Department and our DMP student İlayda Çakır qualified to attend the International Poster Biennial "Intercontinental Biennial" held in Colombia with their poster works.

As a part of this prestigious biennial, their works will be exhibited in numerous countries, including Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, the United States, and Canada. The Department of Visual Communication Design continues to prove itself on the international art scene.

In the same biennial, Prof. Doğan Aslan, one of the graduate program lecturers in the Visual Communication Design Department, will also be exhibiting his works. It is a great source of pride that art is promoted worldwide by crossing borders. We extend our congratulations to our faculty members and students, especially Prof. Selçuk Öziş, and wish them continued success.

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