Işık University 2022-2023 Academic Year Graduation Ceremony took place at the Şile campus with enthusiastic participation. The cortege march accompanied by the marching band started at the Şile Square before the Graduation Ceremony and continued at the campus.

The ceremony held at Işık University Şile Campus started with opening speeches. 
The ceremony started with the speech of Barış Balcıoğlu, Vice President of the Alumni Association, and continued with the speeches of Ethem Tayyip Nazilli, President of the Student Council, Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Mehmet Serdar Sarıgül, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Av. A. Akın Süel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FMV.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Rector of Işık University, addressed the graduates and said, "Our university has been serving our country for 27 years in line with the 137-year old Feyziye Schools Foundation's principle of 'raising good people' and the responsibility that Atatürk's view that 'science is the truest guide', which he himself gave our name, imposes on us." 

Prof. Dr. Kahraman expressed his hope in the youth and said that he believes that the youth will carry our country to the future, to a bright and illuminated tomorrow. Işık University Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman added that the great states of the world do not have successful universities; on the contrary, the states that have successful universities around the world are great, and said: "You will work for 50 years and live for 100 years, and you will have to solve problems that the world has never faced before. Do not be content with what you have, try to see beyond the horizon, renew yourself, do not surrender to the status quo, and know how to construct new problems while solving problems. Those who are successful are those who think critically, question and are not satisfied. Prof. Kahraman said, "With the interdisciplinary, modular education system that we have implemented and named 'Academic Education Model with IŞIK', we aim to raise people with creative thinking and 21st century competencies, critical thinking, communication, cooperation and creativity skills."

"Carry our light everywhere!" 
After Rector Prof. Dr. Kahraman, Mehmet Serdar Sarıgül, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Işık University, addressed the graduates and guests and pointed out that FMV Işık University, which has been in service for 27 years, has graduated over 17 thousand graduates who are experts in their fields. Sarıgül continued his words as follows: "FMV Işık University, which takes its name from the great Atatürk and its teaching tradition from the 137-year old Feyziye Schools Foundation, wants to raise many graduates who are responsible for their country and the world, honest, just, respectful of freedom of expression and freedom of belief, in the light of science with the values given by FMV Işık University and to be proud of their success."

 Sarıgül continued his speech by saying, "Just like your friends, brothers and sisters who graduated in previous years, it will give us honour and happiness if you reflect the light of Işık University wherever you will work and live." Sarıgül also asked the graduates not to see today as a separation, to share their achievements in life with the Işık family and to visit the university frequently. Sarıgül concluded his speech by saying "The greatest reward for us is your success and happiness" and wished the graduates a lifetime of success and happiness.

"Develop your skills"
In his speech, Mr. A. Akın Süel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Feyziye Schools Foundation (FMV), said that he believed that the graduates would light a torch for our country and continued his words as follows
"There is a significant competition in business life. According to the data of TÜİK, the youth unemployment rate is serious. You have all the equipment to be successful in this competitive environment. However, you should not be satisfied with your existing equipment and abilities and constantly improve yourself. My first suggestion for you is to specialise in certain subjects. Continue to improve your foreign language.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic applications are being reshaped in the context of high technology, innovation and R&D. Capturing these points and the opportunities that arise in the new formation and making them ready to be put into the service of humanity should be among the primary goals of universities and, of course, of you. Try to develop all the skills that will meet the needs of the age."

At the end of his speech, Mr. A. Akın Süel, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FMV, thanked the families of the graduates, the FMV Board of Trustees, Işık University academics and staff for their devoted efforts over the years. 

Accompanied by Rector Prof. Dr. Hasan Bülent Kahraman, FMV Chairman of the Board of Directors Av. A. Akın Süel, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mehmet Serdar Sarıgül, Secretary General of the FMV Board of Directors Zeynep Sezerman, FMV Board of Directors Member Kâmil Özkartal and Board of Trustees Member Murat Erbelger presented plaques and diplomas to the students who graduated in the first place.

After the distribution of certificates to all graduates, the programme ended with a cap throwing ceremony. Colourful images emerged as students, families and faculty members gathered for the graduation ceremony and filled the stage for photographs.

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