Earthquake Panel in Maltepe

Our academicians and experts from Maltepe Municipality shared information about the lessons and precautions to be taken after the disaster in the panel "6 February Earthquakes and Earthquake Reality in Turkey" held at Türkan Saylan Cultural Center in cooperation with Maltepe Municipality.

The panel was moderated by Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, Assistant Professor  Ali Sercan Kesten. Dr. Ali Sercan Kesten, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, gave suggestions and warnings on the measures and preparations that can be taken at individual, organisational and social level to minimise the effects of the earthquake in his presentation on "Preparation and Planning for Earthquakes".

Assistant  Prof. Bora Akşar and Assistant Prof. Önder Umut shared their observations about the buildings in the disaster area and how to identify and retrofit risky buildings in order to prevent such a great destruction and losses.

While İdris Kemal Kartalkaya from Maltepe Municipality Civil Defence Expertise Unit gave information about search and rescue activities after the earthquake, Civil Engineer Metin Günçiçek from Maltepe Municipality Zoning and Urban Planning Directorate made a detailed presentation on zoning legislation and earthquake-proof construction throughout Maltepe. Geophysics Engineer Nermin Gençman from Maltepe Municipality Directorate of Zoning and Urbanisation shared information about the general geological map of Maltepe, maps of suitability for settlement and the works carried out.

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