University education widely differs from secondary education and students are expected to have certain special talents, approaches, and accumulations. We wish to equip our successful students who have earned the universal level of university knowledge provided by Işık University with these skills and take them to a level that will internalize the entire capacity of high-level university education. On the other hand, university education in today's world has gone beyond a strict disciplinary approach and has gained an interdisciplinary characteristic instead of departmental divisions.

"Işık's Academic Education Model" is a model that aims to provide all these qualities to our students. This new and original model aims to train graduates who will shape and guide the future world by surpassing traditional university models. The method to be applied in the first year for the compound, integrated, and modular model foreseen by Işık University is of vital importance. Our students who have experience in different disciplines will gain much higher accumulation with this approach in the following years.

Most importantly, after a year passed with this model, our students will better understand their talents, tendencies, and the area they really want to work in, and manage their careers accordingly. 

With the Işık's Academic Education Model, regardless of any department and faculty distinction, we offer an education system to all our students in the first year of the university to
-ensure an interdisciplinary understanding,
-transfer knowledge of working areas outside their own fields,
-provide the ability of multiple thinking that is required to solve complex problems,
-provide creative thinking skills,
-ensure the agility, adaptability, and resistance capacity foreseen in our strategic plan,
-help them to find their real talents.
Thus, it is aimed 
- To provide students from different regions, high schools, and disciplines of our country with much more holistic and cultural formations under the concept of university education through interdisciplinary approaches,
- To provide a formation that will facilitate access to research and high academic knowledge, which is the basic function of higher education, for students coming from the secondary education system,
- To demonstrate that scientific thinking applies similar methods in very different fields, enable students to notice the interactions and intersections between different disciplines at a very early stage of university education,
- To provide the first knowledge in the direction of imparting personal competencies that the business world expects from university graduates in a more inclusive perspective by taking the university education out of its inward-looking departmental and program understanding,
- To provide a strong foundation for students to shape both their education and lives by getting to know other programs closely besides the program they prefer through the Double Major/Minor opportunities in their areas of interest.


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