Signal Processing and Communications Minor Program

Signal Processing and Communications Minor Program

Course Code Course Name Credit
EE 221* Circuit Theory I 4
EE 222 Circuit Theory  II 4
EE 303 Simulation Tools 3
EE 353 Signals and Systems 4
EE 354 Digital Signal Processing 3
EE 370 Introduction to Communication Systems 3
Total 21

In case some of the courses (or their equivalents*) in the minor program list are taken by the students in their major program, these courses will not be counted for minor program credit requirement. In this case, the students are supposed to fulfill minimum 18 credits of EE course requirement by taking any other EE courses by advisor approval.   

* Equivalent courses under exemption.

Course Equivalent Course
EE 221 EE 225**

** EE 225 is accepted to satisfy the prerequisite condition for EE 222.

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