Electronics Engineering M.S. Program Course List
Course Code Course Name
EE 500 Graduate Seminar
EE 501 Probability and Stochastic Processes
EE 505 Information Theory and Coding
EE 550 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
EE 551 Adaptive Signal Processing
EE 552 Array Signal Processing
EE 560 Advanced Microwave Circuit Design
EE 562 Microwave Amplifiers
EE 570 Digital Communications
EE 571 Mobile Communication Systems
EE 572 Wireless Communications
EE 575 Communication Networks
EE 576 Wireless Networks
EE 580 Term Project
EE 587 ECG Signal Processing
EE 58x Special Topics in Electronics Engineering
EE 590 M.S. Thesis
EE 601 Estimation Theory
EE 620 Linear System Theory
EE 672 High Speed Communication Networks
EE 681-689 Special Studies in Electronics Engineering
EE 690 Ph.D. Thesis

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