Biomedical Engineering Students


Biomedical Engineering Students must take the following courses for double major program.
Code Course Name LC ECTS
COMP1112Object Oriented Programming36
COMP2102Data Structures and Algorithms46
MATH2103Discrete Mathematics36
COMP2502Human Computer Interaction35
COMP2222Database Systems47
ELEC1401Logic Design35
ELEC1402Logic Design Laboratory12
COMP3112Analysis of Algorithms35
COMP3401Computer Organization35
SOFT2101Principles of Software Engineering35
COMP3432Operating Systems35
COMP3105Automata and Formal Languages35
COMP3334Computer Networks35
SOFT3102Software Development Practice35
COMP-AE-IIIArea Elective-III35
COMP-AE-IIArea Elective-II35
COMP4910Summer Practice II01
COMP4902Graduation Design Project36
54 95