Course Descriptions

ME 500 Graduate Seminar (Lisansüstü Seminer) (0+1+0) 0
Presentation of topics of interest in computer engineering through seminars given by graduate students, faculty and guest speakers.
ME 506 Advanced Manufacturing Processes (İleri İmalat Yöntemleri) (3+0+0) 3
Need of advanced manufacturing. Non-traditional methods: electrical, thermal and chemical methods. Powder metallurgy and hot isostatic press. Forming by superplasticity. Magneforming . Hydroforming. Laser, plasma and water jet machining. Advanced methods of surface treatments.
ME 507 Mechanical Behavior of Materials (Malzemelerin Mekanik Davranışı) (3+0+0) 3
Basic concepts: effects of microstructure on mechanical behavior. Elastic, plastic, and creep deformation. Effects of steady and cyclic loads on materials. Crack and crack propagation. Mechanical failure modes: emphasis on fatigue, creep rupture and plastic instability. High temperature behavior of materials.
ME 508 Fracture (Kırılma) (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to fracture mechanics. Stress analysis of cracks. Fracture mechanics and strength. Determination of fracture toughness. Crack tip analysis. Stress intensity factor. Crack propagation. Cyclic loads. Fatigue crack growth.
ME 509 Finite Elements Method (Sonlu Elemanlar Analizi) (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to fracture mechanics. Stress analysis of cracks. Fracture mechanics and strength. Determination of fracture toughness. Crack tip analysis. Stress intensity factor. Crack propagation. Cyclic loads. Fatigue crack growth.
ME 510 Composite Materials (Kompozit Malzemeler) (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to composites. Classification of composites. Matrix and fiber materials. Law of mixture. Isotropic elasticity and anisotropic elastic behavior. Physical and mechanical properties of composites. Laminates. Stress-strain behavior. Application of Hooke's Law for anisotropy. Failure modes of composites.
ME 511 Advanced Thermodynamics (İleri Termodinamik) (3+0+0) 3
Basic concepts and definitions. First law of thermodynamics. Reversibility. Second law of thermodynamics. Legendre transformations. Mixture properties. Ideal gas equilibrium: cycles, work and heat, Maxwell relations, chemical equilibrium. Non-equilibrium systems. Statistical thermodynamics. Ensemble theory.
ME 512 Heat Transfer by Conduction and Radiation (Taşınım ve Işınım ile Isı Transferi) (3+0+0) 3
Steady one-dimensional heat conduction. Steady two and three dimensional heat conduction. Fourier and Fourier-Bessel series. Unsteady problems. Numerical methods for steady and unsteady heat conduction. Black body radiation. System properties of gray bodies: reflectivity, absorptivity, transmissivity, emissivity. Stephan-Boltzmann and Kirchoff's laws. Radiative energy exchange between surfaces and configuration factors. Radiative energy exchange in gray enclosures without gases. Radiative energy transfer in absorbing and emitting media.
ME 513 Advanced Fluid Mechanics (İleri Akışkanlar Mekaniği) (3+0+0) 3
Kinematics of flow and motion. Conservation equations of flows. Solutions of exact and approximate viscous flows. Incompressible flows and applications: wing theory and potential flows. Compressible flows and applications. Shock waves and small perturbation.
ME 514 Compressible Flow (Sıkıştırılabilir Akış) (3+0+0) 3
Integral and differential forms of conservation equations. One-dimensional and quasi-one- dimensional flows. Oblique shock and expansion waves. Unsteady wave motion. Numerical techniques for steady supersonic flow. Transonic and hypersonic flows.
ME 515 Viscous Flow (Viskoz Akış) (3+0+0) 3
Basic concepts. Fundamental equations of compressible viscous flow. Solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. Laminar boundary layers . Stability of laminar flows. Incompressible turbulent mean flow. Compressible boundary layer Flow.
ME 517 Renewable Energy (Yenilenebilir Enerji) (3+0+0) 3
The need of renewable energy technology. Solar thermal systems. Photovoltaic concept and applications. Wind energy. Biomass. Hydropower. Ocean thermal energy conversion. Wave energy. Tidal energy. Geothermal energy.
ME 520 Robotics (Robot Sistemler) (3+0+0) 3
Fundamental aspects of robotics and type of robots. Homogeneous transform interpretations. Instantaneous kinematics: direct kinematics, inverse kinematics, Jacobean matrix. Dynamic force analysis via Newton-Euler formulation. Joint space dynamics. PD control. Control methods of manipulators.
ME 521 Modern Control Engineering (Modern Kontrol Mühendisliği) (3+0+0) 3
Basic concepts of modern control theory. Transfer functions, state-space models and their relationship. Introduction to observability and controllability. Comparison of state feedback and output feedback. Lyapunov stability criteria. Pole-placement.
ME 522 Computer Aided Engineering (Bilgisayar Destekli Mühendislik) (3+0+0) 3
Introduction to CAD/CAM/CAE systems. Engineering process of design. Geometric modeling of engineering application. Numerical methods of engineering design systems. Solid modeling. Numerical methods of structural analysis. Introduction to dynamic analysis. Applications of machining systems via numerical control. G-codes. Applications of commercial CAD/CAM/CAE products use in engineering projects.
ME 523 Advanced Dynamics (İleri Dinamik) (3+0+0) 3
Kinematics of rigid body motion. Lagrange equations. Dynamics of rigid bodies. Euler's equations of motion. Eulerian angles. Motion under no force. First integrals of Lagrange equations. Hamilton's equations. Hamilton-Jacobi equations. Generalized impulse and momentum.
ME 580 Term Project (Dönem Projesi) Non-credit
In depth study of a mechanical engineering research topic by M.S. students in the non-thesis option under the guidance of a faculty member.
ME581–ME589 Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering I - IX (Makine Mühendisliğinde Özel Konular I – IX) (3+0+0) 3
Study of special topics chosen among the recent technological or theoretical developments in mechanical engineering.
ME 590 Master Thesis (Yüksek Lisans Tezi) Non-credit
Preparation of a M.S. thesis by students of the M.S. program with thesis option under the guidance of an academic advisor.

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