Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program

Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program

Hakkında The Purpose of the Program: The purpose of Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program is to train medical staff necessary for compilation of findings of scientific research in various branches of medicine and medical technology, as well providing support to researchers and professionals in the preparation and presentation of research findings. As students gain basic knowledge of health care management, in addition to Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program data, they can discover advancement opportunities by improving themselves through continuous education. The language of instruction of this program is Turkish.


Education Content:

Medical secretaries are an increasingly important staff member of today's healthcare. The mission of our program, which meets an essential necessity in this industry, is aimed at undertaking and maintaining the leading role in training medical secretaries who have gained advanced knowledge, skills and experience. In addition to the professional knowledge and skills offered through the program, students will enroll in basic courses on effective communication, working in teams, recognizing and solving problems. The core curriculum has courses in Medical Terminology, Secretarial Services, Health Management, Introduction to Biostatistics, Public Health, Patient Relationship Management, Medical Documentation Techniques-1, Medical Communications, Medical Ethics, Health Law and Legislation, Hospital Information Processing Systems, Presentation Techniques, First Aid.

Employment Opportunities:

Program completers become "Health Services Vocational School Medical Documentation and Secretarial Graduates" and have an opportunity to work in all fields of the Health sector. Due to growing importance and effectiveness of this profession, career opportunities are quite numerous. Graduates may find employment in various departments of private and public health organizations, patient medical institutions, private health clinics, county health departments, medical research e-publishing companies, medical equipment companies, dispensaries, imaging centers and doctors' offices.

Open Admission:

Students who graduate from vocational and technical high schools may choose to enroll in an associate degree program as a continuation of the program they have completed, or a similar one, found in their own Professional and Technical Education Regions (PTER). Later, the student may enroll in a vocational school associate programs out of their region on an open admission basis. Open admission placement operations are conducted via the SSPC central system.

Medical Secretary
Medical Military Officer Preparatory School
Program Title Paid Full Scholarship 50% Scholarship CEE Paid CEE Full Scholarship CEE 50% Scholarship
Medical Documentation and Secretarial Training Program 30 5 15 30 5 15

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