Do you have discounts or scholarships for undergraduate applicants?
After finishing one semester at Işık University, students can apply for a merit-based scholarship (up to 100%) according to their academic performance in the first semester.  
Students who have an IB diploma score of 30-37 can receive a 30% scholarship for 4 years of tuition at Işık University. Students with IB diploma grades that are 38 or higher can receive a 60% scholarship for 4 years. This scholarship only covers tuition fees.
Siblings who will be studying at Işık University at the same time, receive a 10% sibling discount for 4 years of tuition  (as long as they are both studying at the same time).

Do you accept SAT or IELTS as an English Language Exam Score?
The English Exams that we accept are TOEFL (IBT, CBT, PBT), PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English), and ÜDS/YDS/KPDS/YÖKDİL. Unfortunately, we do not accept SAT or IELTS. Please see the image below to see the minimum scores we accept for each exam.

If English is not the first/official language of the applicant's home country and if the student does not have one of the above English Proficiency Exam Certificates, then they must take the English Proficiency Exam we have available for registered students.
The exam is free and will be held online on the 15th, 28th and 29th of August. If you miss these dates, the second set of exams will be held on September 6, 7, and 8.
Students who fail to pass the English Proficiency exam at Işık University will have to study in the English Preparatory School for a year. Please click here to learn more about the English Proficiency Exam. 

How much does the English Prep year cost?
The English Prep year's tuition is the same as the Undergraduate Program's that the student is enrolled in. For example, a student enrolled in Psychology (English) which costs 3600 USD per year, will pay 3600 USD for the English Prep year.

In how many installments are the undergraduate tuition payments made?
The undergraduate tuition payments are made in a total of 3 installments. First, a 1000USD deposit payment is made to secure a spot for the student in their program and register them. After that payment, students need to make two payments, 1 before each term begins. 

For example, for a student who is applying to an engineering program which costs 4800 USD annually, the student will make a 1000 USD deposit, which will be used for the student's Fall Semester tuition. So before the Fall Semester begins, the student will have to pay the remaining 1400 USD for the Fall Semester. Before the Winter Semester begins, the student will make a 2400 USD tuition payment. (1000+1400+2400)

If the student makes their deposit and Fall Semester payment before August 31st, they will get 10% off their tuition fee for the 2023-24 year. So the total payment they will make will be 4320 USD (1000+1160+2160).

What is the deadline to complete my registration?
The last day to complete your registration is October 13, 2023.

I am a registered undergraduate student and need a visa support letter for my family to come and visit me during my graduation ceremony. How can I get that?
You can email us at international.admissions@isikun.edu.tr and let us know about your situation. These are the documents we will request from you to write your family's visa support letter:
  • Passport copies of you and the members you are inviting, clearly showing the photo pages.
  • Student letter (öğrenci belgesi) which you can request and download from e-campus.
  • Name of the consulate you will be applying for a visa through. For ex: Turkish Embassy in Abuja.
When is the 2023-24 Fall term starting? What are the important dates? 
 The Academic Year begins on October 2nd, 2023. You can find our Academic Calendar here.

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