Akademik Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering


Additional Courses for Biomedical  Engineering Students Who Pursue a Double Major in IŞIKIE

Course Code Course Name Credits
IE 007 Industrial Engineering Orientation 1
IE 402 Operations Research III 3
MAN 311 Financial and Cost Accounting 3
IE 242 Engineering Economy 3
IE 256 Engineering Statistics 3
ECO 102 Introduction to Economics Iı 3
IE 390 Industrial Training II NC
IE 301 Operations Research I 4
IE 303 System Simulation 3
IE 321 Industrial Production Systems 3
IE 351 Forecasting Methods 3
IE 302 Operations Research II 4
IE 312 Production and Service Operations Planning 3
IE 334 Quality Planning and Control 3
IE-D2-I Departmental Elective I 3
IE 403 Operations Research Modeling Applications 4
IE-D2-II Departmental Elective II 3
IE-D2-III Departmental Elective III 3
IE 490 Project 4
IE-D2-IV Departmental Elective IV 3
IE-D2-V Departmental Elective V 3
Toplam Kredi 62
  • A common project may be carried out if two departments approve the Project.
  • If the student has completed Industrial Training I in his or her own department, this course can be accepted in lieu of course IE290.
  • Students planning to double major should take CC courses from the IE department (-6 credits).
  • To complete the double major program, 62 credits are required.