Program Objectives and Outcomes


    The objectives of International Logistics Management Program are to educate future global workforce who;
  1. comprehend the fundamentals and techniques of international logistics based on the relevant therotical and applied knowledge.
  2. can manage the flow of materials and information within and between organizations.
  3. have an understanding of interdisciplinary perspective to accomodate to global business world.
  4. are capable to collaborate effectively in a global team and have an ability in both verbal and written communication.
  5. are aware of ethical and sociable responsibility issues in the global competitive environment.
    A graduate of this program should:
  1. Comprehend the principal theories and the terminology of international logistics.
  2. Integrate the theories of international logistics with the real life functions in changing global business world.
  3. Incorporate both practical and theoretical aspects of logistics.
  4. Be able to integrate planning and management of logistic function and supply chain activities from an international perspective.
  5. Comprehend the fundamental aspects of logistics including logistics planning and modelling, transportation, inventory management and retailing.
  6. Apply basic principles of business processes and project management techniques.
  7. Communicate and present ideas effectively in verbal and written.
  8. Participate in a team work effectively and increase the dynamics of the team.
  9. Use computer-based technology and related packaged software.
  10. Utilize basic quantitative analysis and their applications in the business world.
  11. Utilize the skills and techniques of data collection for problem solving and decision making.
  12. Achieve an interdisciplinary point of view.
  13. Have the consciousness of business ethics and social responsibility issues.